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Introduction and a Question . . . .

Shawn James Watkins
13 years ago
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Hello everybody! Figured I say howdy! I've been letting my hair dread for about 3 weeks now and I have some fabulous tangles and loops :)

Also have a question. I just got a job in a kitchen and I have to tie my hair up for work (previously I was just leaving it down) Will keeping my hair in a ponytail affect the dread process in any way? Am I just worrying over nothing?

By the way, great site!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
13 years ago
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tying it up can have 2 affects 1 slowig progress especialy inthe area the ties are around

2 they will try to congo way more so you will have to seperate way more often

solutions ..tie em back with themselves and not oo tight..if u have any dreads well enough formed to do that with

if not use a relativly looks scrunchy type thingy and seperate after u get home

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Jonas Weber
13 years ago
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This brings up a question for me too that is similar: I going to start working as a metal worker again in about a week. Of course, I'm standing everyday in metal dust, greasy areas and lots of sweating cause it's getting hot here in Switzerland in summer. I was wondering what you would do? Cause I definitely have to shower everyday. So what am I gonna do with my dreads? Just rins them with water and wash them normally every three days?
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