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Hello :) I'm new into dreads. Started a neglected journey 1 month ago, any tips?

4 years ago
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Hello, I'm Ricardo (nickname Pedrono), I'm 18 y/o and I started my neglected journey 1 month ago. Since a child, having dreads was my dream, I cannot stop staring at people with dreads whenever I see them outside.

I recorded a video as soon as I hit 1 month. Here's the link (kind of cringy forgive my english)

I registered today, I wonder how many people are doing neglect here (full neglect)

Will they look good? I like medium, thick, different thickness dreads. I don't like boring too much artificial dreads, but I also hate mess! Any recommendations?

What do you think so far, and how are you today? :) 

Nice to meet you. 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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we prefer the term natural, freeeform, or organic, neglected  means unwashed..  most of us went the natural rout. and you will have to embrace the mess

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
4 years ago
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Embrace the mess! It’s only just begun!
Allowing them to choose their own sections is only part of the process. Without separating you’ll have one dread. With lots of diligent separating you could have many small ones.
I watch for the sections and then separate. A few I chose to let come together because I prefer medium/thick but I have all varieties. Right now I’m brushing out a large one I may have let join a long time ago, but it’s very thick and at the nape of my neck, and I can feel the two distinct dreads at the roots, today became the day lol!
I use vickisdreadlock shampoo now, I’m in love with the patchouli. Also the activated charcoal is my fave! It leaves my scalp and hair so fresh and clean!

Welcome and embrace the mess!
Gazzunger the Grey
4 years ago
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@Pedrono  Welcome from sunny SW England,  Like Eagle and the passer-lady say "its gonna get messy" (sure that was a line from a film?)

but it should be worth it and your hair has got some good ZigZaging going on already.  Be patient, separate before they get too thick and enjoy!!

Especially the strange looks you will get from folks.

Gazzunger the Grey
4 years ago
91 posts

Nearly your background music..Can't beat a bit of Bob.

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