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05/09/20 02:06:23PM
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Hello :) I'm new into dreads. Started a neglected journey 1 month ago, any tips?

Introduce Yourself

Hello, I'm Ricardo (nickname Pedrono), I'm 18 y/o and I started my neglected journey 1 month ago. Since a child, having dreads was my dream, I cannot stop staring at people with dreads whenever I see them outside.

I recorded a video as soon as I hit 1 month. Here's the link (kind of cringy forgive my english)

I registered today, I wonder how many people are doing neglect here (full neglect)

Will they look good? I like medium, thick, different thickness dreads. I don't like boring too much artificial dreads, but I also hate mess! Any recommendations?

What do you think so far, and how are you today? :) 

Nice to meet you. 

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