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Ancient cultural history of dreadlocks and their significance

9 years ago
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SE dont think i am knocking your post brutha but at the bottom you say youcan't get much more "natural" then alice, the woman in the pic, and that she lives a jungle life. I wouldn't have thought those who live that lifestyle would have access to digital cameras and the internet. It is wierd to think about. Just goes to show perhaps how modernization of technology and way oflife are inescapable once the fruits of them are tasted.

PS. Alice my dear if you read this i mean no harm, just curious.

soaringeagle said:

moved this to history and religios significance section

alsi heres our resident maori dready
and his picture

we also have an adoriginese dready
the maori was strict neglect not even washing for a long time
as is tradition

our resident aboriginese her dreads formed by just washing in a salt water river full of crocodiles
(gotta be careful doing thast)
shes a real beautiful jungle momma

u dont get much more traditional and natural then these 2
alice lives the jungle tribal life

strong repressentation of the roots of dread cultures all over the earth

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Victoria Buttons
9 years ago
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Amazing! I mainly focuses on the Celtic/Viking, because I am of that origin. I love the bit about Shakespeare and the faeries. Now I have something to say when people ask me if I am trying to be jamacian! :)


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
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jamaicans are only the most recent to adopt dreads back in the 70s about but dreads were part of jewish and hindu culture for thousands of years

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
9 years ago
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Aww, thanks everyone! I'm glad everyone's enjoying reading this! :D
9 years ago
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i LOVE the fairylock reference!!! when i was little i only brushed the top layers of my hair so eventually i ended up with a good sized mat behind my right ear. my great grandma(she was extremelyyyyyy superstitious) made a HUGE fuss about never brushing fairies knots out, that they're special for little girls... it turned into a huge debate and ended with my grandma cutting it straight off my head. much to my great grandma's dismay, she really wanted it left in, and to my mother's horror, who really just wanted it brushed out. lol it was covered by the rest of my hair, but i had a tufty bald spot for a good handful of months=]

Alyssa Yuldybaeva
9 years ago
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Mummy with dreadlocks from Nazca, Peru

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Adam Overman
8 years ago
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Thank you so much for this post it has made me decide I need to do this as an outward symbol of an inward journey

Nolan Plank
7 years ago
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I dont understand how people know the celts and vikings had dreadlocks. Ceaser supposedly said they had hair of snakes, but that could mean braids or just long hair, the romans wore their hair short like many medditeranian people, so seeing the celts with longer hair may have made it seem snake like.

Danielle Hache
7 years ago
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what about the actual word "dreadlocks" anyone know the accurate history of the word. This man was telling me the other day that when people went to Africa and saw the tribes with these hairstyles they feared them so much when they returned to tell their story they called them "dread"as in to fear and be dreaded and this is the history of this word. He also said this is why some people tend to refer to there dreads as locs, instead of dreadlocks because they find it has a negative meaning attached to it. How accurate is this information?

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