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heres another statistic

every person i knew who cut their dreads for a particular job..didn't get the job

everyone who said they would never either got the job they wanted...or were offered 1 even better without having to apply 1st

i got every job i applied for though i prefer to work for myself

the best job i had ..with a boss was in IT (this site has at least 3, maybe 4 people with unmaintained dreads working at nasa0  1st day on the  job  took off my tam letting my dreads spill to the floor just as the president of the company walks by..and just says 'wow'

now i was managing 200 web designers that designed the websites for every non profit in a 3 state region from tiny to multi million multi national ..the deans of all universities congresspeople (the former head of homeland security) heads of religious and cultural groups  etc etc etc  so i had meetings with  these people daily to help the web designers form a plan the clients  would like.. the only comments i ever got was i love your hair and can i touch it

when i left the company ..that week they were creating new promo materials (we were partnered with the local pbs station too) they were making calendars posters mugs that sort of ting, and even though it was my last  couple days there  my image  was in the most prominent and noticeable position.. so kinda the corporate image they wanted to portray

if you look through the dreads and jobs forum section you will see a very very wide range of jobs from legal field to dr to ceo  biochemist to teachers (every level including professors)

for every dread that sits around getting stoned and works in a warehouse or Walmart theres 1  changing the world building hempcrete houses or designing the next gen deep space propulsion systems.

hell watch a documentary called gashole or gasholes

in it is a man with dreads, who was on the team that designed the 1st rocket to the moon, who now is the ceo of the biggest biodiesel refinery in the country

when a dread has trouble finding a job its only cause theres a more important job he or she is meant to do.

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