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Dreads breaking off at the bottom.

Gabriella Smith
5 years ago
12 posts

I wouldn't suggest coloring and bleaching your hair to anyone at this point of my life. I mean to each their on but from my person experience it's very damaging. I used to dye by hair a lot growing up it's probably been every color of the rainbow by now. It was when I decided to dread my hair I stopped using unnatural products on my hair actually so around four years now. I've been noticing it's very hard for me to grow my hair out. It is so brittle at the ends! I've also noticed that I have tender spots on my scalp now that some times itch and burn and the hair is a little thinner there. I am almost certain it is from the bleach but haven't found much evidence to back that up. Anyway I put oils like olive and coconut oil into my hair from time to time but maybe I should do this often. Any suggestions for other things to add in my regimen? Especially for the scalp pain. Thank you.=)

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,334 posts

id think panterra is the 1 to consult but shes hardly ever on these days (family issues)

vicki might have some ideas though..

something like a hot oil treatment maybe

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Laura Earle
5 years ago
233 posts

Protein treatments! Nearly everyone I know who uses bleach swears by them. I don't know of any that would be dread-friendly, though. =/

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