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Responses to my most recent video on YouTube.

9 years ago
109 posts
Many little candle headed children are trying to stick up for their false God JonnyClean. Sending me hate mail, calling me a fag, saying how their stiff dreads are free from imperfection, when in turn they look like erections, you know the norm. Yet none have the balls to make a public response, nor a video response. It seems like kids love to talk their poop, in private. But it's okayy, I usually don't let these sorts of childish acts get to me, but when you have 20+ unread message in your inbox, wellll, that gets annoying. :x I needed to vent to people who would understand. Anyway, everyone have a great day! I'm gonna finish eating my cheerio's now. :D Nomnom!
updated by @matthew: 01/13/15 08:28:54PM
Nick Colasurdo
9 years ago
6 posts
Don't let those Children get to you, Enjoy yo Cheerios!
9 years ago
844 posts
I agreecheerios > worrying about hate mail :)
Jayah O
9 years ago
38 posts know there will always be haters! They are only peeved becasue you pointed out what they already suspected and can't admit!..LMAO! leave the candle heads to their own waxy devices. Of course they are too wussy to post on the actual video =PCheerios..yum ;)
9 years ago
72 posts
LMFAO. Matthew...just your first sentence struck my funny bone cause I about spit my coffee out. Hilarious. ;)
Mechanical Butterfly
9 years ago
24 posts
Sounds like you're level headed enough to not let any of their pissing-around get into your cheerios (so to speak). There will almost always be people who will get defensive over even the most light-hearted criticism. ;-)Just take it with a grain of salt, and be satisfied with all the people you're helping to prevent being in a 'sticky' situation.
9 years ago
109 posts
Thanks everyone for the support!:DI honestly don't let words get to me, especially from people I don't know, and even more so from the internet. :|I just felt like talking about it.Again, thanks!(:
9 years ago
66 posts
put some of the replies you recieved in your inbox on here...lets see what some of the little scallywags have been saying
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