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Cut my dreads off...Oh no...missing them

momma has dreads
12 years ago
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Well I had my dreads just over two years. Loved them. Yes I did. I also just cut them off. I will do this again in my future, having dreads.

But if there is anyone who is going to cut them...this is for you. I have also included a picture before and after.

My dreads were like down to my waist. I cut each to about 8". Thinking that this is were I would like to have my new length at. Dipped one by one into peanut oil (did not like using conditioner), massaged the oil into that dread, then took my time using a large sewing needle to pick/un-dread each...this took a good 30-60min each, depending on just how thick that dread was. Three days later I was done. I did have to have my dusghter un-dread about 4 that were in the back and I could not really get to. Then I went to a hairdresser to have my hair trim and style what I had left a bit.

My head was sore for about a day or two, felt bruised all over. Lost a ton of hair, my hair was pretty think, sooo the lose of hair really does not show on me. That will all grow back in too.

Soooo I am sad to see my dreads go, but I look forward to having them again in my life. Really enjoyed this site, everyone was sooo this momma has no dreads....peace out..enjoy your dreads :-)

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12 years ago
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oh no why why did u cut them

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
12 years ago
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Just curious, why? They were cool

12 years ago
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This seems to be happening a lot lately. I must admit I've been tempted to brush mine out but I know I would regret it. I waited close to two decades to dread my hair and I know if I brush them out now that I would never do it again. I'm hoping they'll be fully locked up by the two year mark. *fingers crossed*
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