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Straight hair in dreams.....nightmare!

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tell that lady that that is assault under the law so the moment she touched your hair with the intention of cutting you  can have her arrested, and/or defend yourself with appropriate force

appropriate force could be breaking all her fingers or wrist so she was unable to cut them

serious or life threatening injuries are not appropriate force

personally i would just knock her off her feet, step away  and report the incident

i'm not into hurting people  and in almost all situations including life threatening ones its simple enough to defend without causing harm

so if anyone ever told me that i would simply say 'by legal definition that counts as assault, so feel free to try, if you think a few months in jai is worthwhile'

simple ways to turn someome into your puppet if they dared come at you.

pinch lower lip hard drag it to the ground make her lick the ground then simply take her for a walk..into a pole or a wall

they have no choice but to go where you lead them

if she reached for you to try to cut them you have 2  excellent choices grab hand from back thumb between her thumb and forefinger  fingers gripping the side of the hand towards inky but below fingers aim her hand/wrist at her centerline (side from side breastbone from front)  and simply turn it like your turning a faucet towards the centerline.she will drop to her knees

alternately same technique but with her palm facing centerline


grab wrist, press on elbow  straightening it  this will guide her body in the direction you push the elbow. can be used to redirect a blow or as a throw , or with just a couple pounds force break the elbow

theres a few dozen ways to use 2 fingers  and under 2 pounds pressure to  disable or control even the strongest muscleman but these take a lil practice because they require precision

another control technique used by cops that want to inflict pain without causing harm or leaving a mark

the thumb nail where the nail meets skin (where you might get that crescent shaped white area) pinch the thumb pressing your thumb nail straight down into that area causes a pain that makes them compliant and controllable

cant be used as a direct control (like turning them into a puppet and making them walk into a wall or  be tossed to the side) but with a verbal order  like stop and apologize and i'll let you go //the pains significant enough to get compliance ..besides all the fights taken out of them and ending the pain is all they care about at that point

just giving you options in case anyone ever actually tried that.. but just informing them that under the law that qualifies as assault is enough  for anyone who isn't proud of being a criminal and has fond memories of prison life and prison wifes (or being made to be 1)

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I have not, probably because I am still too new at this and i only have a few actually more mature dreads that i will occasionally feel nestle against my neck, or i can twirl or pull on to sleep comfortably...but the funny thing is that just today, hubby was saying something about this, or i said this is a nightmare (losing them) and he was like, "that's a thing?! (to have dreams)" haha and i said, 'yeah, of course! I am always hearing about this in the dread communities!" :P hmm, yeah, i suppose i can't even compare it to having kids with him (well, i haven't had them either, but i can kindof understand), but it is! I mean, you get attached! And btw, my little dreadies (the newer ones) are like around 9months as I type this. haha Still got a ways to go though! (there are still some falling out! but I've definitely found a few more holding on! :) )

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I totally have these!  I start combing my hair or something an magically and easily comb all my dreads into perfectly straight, long, healthy hair. Then I'll be trying to get my dreads back in and I can't.  Totally weird.

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So funny, I never had the straight hair dream, but when I went vegetarian I would allways get nightmare I ate meat, then Id wake up thinking thank goodness I didn't eat that dead carcass for real, I still get these dreams, recently I even ate fast food In the nightmare...I get drams like this and ones where I get back with a old girlfriend or my children are missing and I wake up soooo thankfull that im not having to deal with old girlfriend andmy children arnt missing and I didn't eat the carcass or I didn't cut my hair or do something negative...or my car really wasn't stolen like in the dream I look out window after waking up and car is there!

 Point is, soooo much to be thankfull for when we wake up, so give praise! count your blessings like trying to count every hair comin out of your head!

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