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11 years ago
46 posts

My Dreads are a year and a half old TODAY! And I've never had a comment from a stranger. Not once, Never! Not even family (including my husband) ever comments on them. I kind of wish I knew what they were thinking, even if its bad.

When did you first get comments, how often do people comment, what do people say?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 years ago
29,636 posts

ill comment

they look awesome

i constantly get comments even comments yelled from passing cars

we went to the beach last summer and a freind was walking like 20 feet behind and she said pretty much everyone who walked by commented

only like 20 or 30 of them came up to ,e to comment or commented so i could hear them but most who walked by at least commented amongsat themselves

maybe your just not paying close enough attention :)

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Casey Fay
11 years ago
90 posts

Your dreads look STUNNING!!! they are beautiful! Please don't worry if people can't seem to notice, they might not know what to say. Just enjoy the beauty of them.

11 years ago
52 posts

I think your dreads look great!!!! They're a nice shape and they look long :) I have had a lot of people that I see often, like regular customers where I work, suddenly go "Oh wow you got dreads!" and I'm just like well I've HAD them...but people can be really unobservant. I've had people say that they didn't know I had dreads cause they just thought it looked messy, and I've seen dreadheads that made me double glance cause I didn't realize either! And because your bangs are undreaded, it's probably what people notice first and their brain fills in the rest with what they normally see.

But yeah I think they look really beautiful and just give it time you'll get comments as time goes on! :)

11 years ago
46 posts

Awwe thanks everybody! It made me giggle when Paige said they were long because my undreaded hair is past my butt cheeks, lol.

I often wonder if people a)dont notice b) dont care c) think Im so friggin cool they are at a loss for works or d) think Im a dirty hippy...

Im gunna say it has to be c ;) lol

Bob Ngarly
11 years ago
161 posts

I like them I wish I could see them a little better, but from what I can tell they look very mature and long.

I wish I got more comments too. Although I do get lots of comments on my hair, no one comments on my dreads if that makes sense. Its as if people cannot tell my hair is locking, or are unsure what exactly im doing with it. It looks very curly still in the front so that's probably why. (and im 6 months into, TNR/Neglect) I myself don't refer to my dreads or locks, as so, to other people. When it becomes pretty apparent and I begin to get more comments, I will start referring to them as dreads. Right now im content with just calling it my hair. lol

peace be the journey.

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