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Mohawk: Appropriation?

Nolan Plank
5 years ago
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Hey everyone. Haven't posted in a while. I have a question:So, certain groups of American Indians in the Northeast (Particularly the Great Lakes Region) after marriage, (I think) would shave the sides of their heads.I am starting catch wrestling soon, and while I like my long hair at the moment, I'm thinking that if I have to cut it, I would want to just cut the sides and leave the center long. There were a few old school, Bare knuckle boxers that did this, (except they had short hair in the center) because back then you could grapple when in the clinch, and they didn't want the sides of their heads being tugged on.Hopefully, I won't even have to cut my hair, but I've never taken any grappling before so I'm not sure. My main fear is that I would be negatively culturally appropriating another cultures traditions, and the importance of those traditions I may not understand or I may have no right to do this.So yeah, some thoughts and feedback would be appreciated on whether or not I should be concerned (well it's good to be concerned because that means you care enough to know if you're helping to destroy a culture I guess) or if this is inappropriate, etc.Thanks!
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!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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in the case of native american traditions youd be presserving an already destroyed culture if you did it for simular reasons but if u did it the crazy colored angry punk thing then maybe

but if wrestling means cutting your dreads why wrestle at all

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