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interlocking dreads

nicole smith
7 years ago
8 posts

soaring eagle said:

you want to do wax removal wax prevents dreading u want to get all that wax out thats nasty and they never need retightening! they never needed anything to start but they will have some looseness for up to a year just leave em be they tighhten themselves over tuime

the wax though will prevent them from dreading properly so use the wax removal soap get the wax out then they will dread just fine

how long will it take to dread?

updated by @nicole-smith: 07/09/15 11:45:58AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,328 posts

it varies alot some hair dreads fast some slow your hair type dreads super easy and fairly fast but still most dont concider their dreads mature till they are 1 year old some dont untill they are 2 but by a couple to few months they are well locked up just lil lose at roots and maybe tips they shrink as they tighten and thicken usualy to month 8 or 13 in that area when they begin to grow after that theyre fully locked

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