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Very, very slow dreadlock progress.

Benjamin Clausen
7 years ago
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So I stopped combing my hair last summer. I wash it about every 3 days with a soap that is all organic. Yet after all this time I haven't seen much progress. I've seen lots of others who have gotten a head full of dreads after at least 6 months. I have only managed to get about 7-8 small dreads total, most of them at the top of my head. I don't know if this could be because I am doing something wrong or because my hair is just not the best for getting natural dreadlocks. It's not that it bothers me a whole lot. A longer journey is fine with me. But it is starting to look pretty weird with just the top of my head dreaded. I already had long hair before I started the neglect method by the way, and I haven't cut my hair since I stopped combing my hair. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Anyway, I would like to hear what others have to say, becuase I really have no idea.
Peace n love. (:

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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just cause its organic dont mean its dread freindly whats the shamopoo whats the ingredients whats the hair type and is it oily

i bet if u aleter what u wash with add sea salt to it and poof in a month progress more then in a year

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7 years ago
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i'm on a very slow natural journey also. i started with very soft healthy hair so it's taken some time todevelop hair with more grip to it. i don't have very many knots yet either and i'm almost 7 months.

maybe the shampoo your using has conditioning ingredients? sea salt sprays in between washing and wearing a wool tam to bed every night are some of the things that i do that seem to help. i'm still trying to find the right washing routine too since we have really hard water. other people on here also recommend drying hair with a blow dryer to damage the hair a bit and increase knotting.

Benjamin Clausen
7 years ago
2 posts
Shampoo ingredients: Water, aloe vera, coconut and corn sugar soap, vegetable glycerine, levulinic acid, anisic acid, citric acid, lemonbalm, peppermint extract and essential orange oil.

My hair is not oily at all. It's really, really soft and dry. Never tried the sea salt thing. Is it just mixing some sea salt in some water and then wash your hair in it? I don't like blow drying my hair because I know it damages the hair alot. And I do actually wear a wool hat almost every day.

Thanks for support. (:

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