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What is my hair doing?

Giuliano Pagano
14 years ago
55 posts
Hi :DOkay quick review of whats going on is I started growing my hair out last summer mainly going the natural route but I have done TnR on and off but lately I've just been letting it do its own thing.. Just wanted some experts to look at these pictures and tell me what stage my hair is going through right now and any recommendations you could suggest!

updated by @giuliano-pagano: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
14 years ago
29,641 posts
its called dreading and u should let it dreadmakin great progress

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Giuliano Pagano
14 years ago
55 posts
How do you think they will look like in the future?
14 years ago
844 posts
hey man, probly like they do in the last picture, just tighter/longer they'll start to lose the curly tips after a long time to and justttttt overall look badass :P
Alicia Burnit
14 years ago
17 posts
I think your hair looks awesome! I'm sure what you're freakin' about.
14 years ago
751 posts
Looks great :)A wool hat or a wool sweater on your pillow is great for speeding up the process a tini bit :)
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