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organic face washes?

dreaded delusion
8 years ago
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Hello all! So, this isn't a hair question, so Im thinking this is the right place for it. I used to wash my face with proactive but quit because of the smell and loads of chemicals in it. I don't like the idea of all these chemicals on my skin. I figure this is the perfect place to ask when it comes to all thingsnatural, so Im hoping you guys could help me out. :) Im looking for an organic skin reigimen. I researched and found Burt's Bees and Kiss my Face. Both sound good but are a little pricey. However, I want to take care of myself so maybe its worth it? Any suggestions? What do you guys use? Thanks in advance and cheers!!


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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dr bronners can be used as a face wash sand facial depending on the dilutioni havent used soap latekly when i wash with rhe baking sida it kinda gets all over my body not just mt hair and i found i havent had to use any soap on a long ling time

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8 years ago
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I have started to use a baking soda wash for my face and back and so far it really seems to be doing the trick.. it's like 3 parts baking soda to one part water... it's inexpensive, easy, and effective, worth the try for sure
8 years ago
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actually if you use tea tree, one of the documented uses for it is actually another alternative to the Benzoyl Peroxide (I could have wrong ingredient, just woke up) it's not as powerful, but still a good alternative, I always actually did the same as above, add it to Dr B, rub on face, I liked the way it feels, personally :)
Spider Feet
8 years ago
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I used witch hazel as an astringent when I was a teen, pretty harsh by itself but you can do a google search to find a good mix...heres an article...
dreaded delusion
8 years ago
84 posts
Wow. thanks for the responses guys. :) a lot of good ones. I'll give some a try and see what works best. :)
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