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To Congo Or Not To Congo

Raven's Light
7 years ago
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I have been having this urge for a long time now, I have been kicking around the idea off and on, about just letting my dreads literally do their own thing, what I mean is congo up as they want to...ya know, releasing myself from all attachment of the physical, that sort of thing (well even more so than my dreads have done so already)....but I'm still unsure, cause if they get REALLY big, they will be harder to manage...and once they combine, I'm stuck with the size they've anyone have any thoughts, advice or ideas on this situation?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
29,636 posts

well, i let em congo like crazy but made sure none got too thick so i separated the ones that were thick already only

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7 years ago
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After 8 years dreading, I found it better to have the weight of hair spread out even, when congos combine the weight is centered on parts of scalp, also they can be more difficult to clean and take more time to dry.

  They are nic tho because they will never break or deteriorate like thin dreads will. (I live a active lifestyle , don't baby my hair so many thinner dreads have lost there ends due to thinning down to a few hairs...

 So the main concern of congos Id advise is the comfort and health of the scalp, it is harder for the skin of scalp to breathe with congos too.  

7 years ago
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I'm in the same boat as you. Most of my dreads are normal sized (whatever that is) but I do have my share of really thin ones that are starting to thin out and break off from the middle. Which I'm guessing is happening because of the thinness and maybe other reasons. But I do have one congo and that's about 4-6 dreads that happened to merge together from not doing anything. And that bad boy obviously takes longer to dry than the rest. 

 My advice: Why not start and experiment with congoing a few dreads into one? That way you get an idea of what it feels like. The only downside is that this congo will take months to form I'd say. 

Raven's Light
7 years ago
346 posts

I'm probably going to just allow any baby dreads to join where they feel like joining and leave it at that, as I am not so sure I want to just cease literally all separation of my dreads.

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