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8 years ago
16 posts
On the ends of my dreads it is all dead tips it looks like. there is like a white end on all my loose hairs? how could i get rid of this.. you cant see from a far but its beeen pissing me off
updated by @rippleinstillwater: 01/13/15 08:30:52PM
8 years ago
27 posts
yea i have the same thing going on.. not really sure what to do about them so i've decided not to worry about it.. :) i would like to know if there is a solution though or if it's just part of having the dreads..
8 years ago
844 posts
part of that is either just from the hair that would normally fall out,or if you backcombed recently and your locks are young, it could be from that process, because I had alot of them, (still do they are only easy to see on my thicker ones up close tho)I noticed most of them went away if they were at the tips.
8 years ago
94 posts
the white ends are not dead ends of your hair but actually the root of the hair when it either fell out or got pulled out through some exterior source.
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