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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: East Northport, NY
Zipcode: 11731
Country: US


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Hey i was wondering if anyone here...
@labmofgod 12 years ago - Comments: 6

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Brian fair


Lonnie Berg
02/25/10 01:03:17PM @lonnie-berg:
I set it on approval for members so keep your eyes open, I had to delete about a dozen in a row

Lonnie Berg
02/25/10 12:48:22PM @lonnie-berg:
I just nailed about a dozen just now, I set it to approve

Lonnie Berg
02/24/10 11:20:28AM @lonnie-berg:
There were a lot more than 3 spammers, more like 20 or more easy

02/22/10 09:59:01PM @boobie:
thank you for the happy birthday man! : )

Mary Vee
02/16/10 10:47:04AM @mary-vee:
Thanks for the friendly hello. :)

Stacie Luoma
02/13/10 09:24:40AM @stacie-luoma:
Thank you for the b day wishes.... xoxoxo Stacie

02/08/10 12:42:54PM @iain:
haha, yeah, that is another good way to look at it, its frustrating to see soo many other people forget how key patience is,

02/07/10 07:30:51PM @iain:
true, I usually don't do anything at all to help mine dry, even shaking them out, you can always just take a towel and press them with both sides of it to gently squeeze them, then let them air dry, you may drip alot, but never bothered me,even palm rolling them gently on the thicker/blunter ones helps

02/07/10 02:12:44AM @iain:
true, I wish i knew half the shit i know now,I would have changed so much, my hair looked horrible the first 5monthsish,some of my locks are unnaturally hard, like stick stiff,a few weeks ago one that i washed had this thick gunk still OOZING, an yes i mean ooze out of it, it was weird as shit before i realized it could only have come from the wax,it makes me mad really,other than that, I'm still happy with mine, and they're finally growing alot which im looking foward to,lol,hows your locks coming along? or you still waiting?

02/03/10 12:49:05PM @iain:
haha, yeah that was me unfortunately,I used a shit ton of it under the advice of others,it wasn't till about 4months i realized what was up with it, it was the worst thing i did to my hair now that I know what Im doing,

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