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to brush or not to brush?

5 years ago
9 posts

I've been having a huge internal debate the last few months as to whether or not I should try to brush out my dreads and start over... but I don't know if it would be different the second go around. I am at almost one year. My biggest dislike is that a lot of my dreads are A LOT thicker on the bottom than at the top, pretty uneven. They shrank up a lot on the bottoms and the top halves just kind of dreaded straight (how I wish all of my hair would have dreaded) With more time will they eventually round out a little more? Idk. I guess any comments would help. I have some pictures uploaded in my photos. Thanks. :)

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mindy sue
5 years ago
9 posts

have patience honey, they are doing exactly what they should be. love them they will get better!

5 years ago
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My dreads are still thicker on the bottom because a whole lot of hair shrank into about 6 inches of dread. That is just how it is. Don't worry it will round out. It just takes time.

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