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7 years ago
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I think I spelled that right, but for some reason it looks wrong. oh well. I am here because for the first time in my life, I have dandriff!!! :O NOOOOO. haha ok, its not that bad, but seriously can someone please tell me how to get rid of it. I'm six weeks in and This is the first I noticed it. It's pretty bad too, my head itches too. I wash every two to three days with the BS wash. I don't use the acv rinse every time, should I? and what about essential oils? I don't use them, but should I? and If so what kind? I really really want to get rid of the dandriff and itchy scalp. maybe its because the weather is drying up, with it being fall and turning colder? just a thought. HELP.

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7 years ago
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dandruff (with a u not i) is a normal part of dreading but it can be controllded

yes u should use acv everytime or your scalp will be way too alkaline andf dry and itchy and ..dandruff will result..but

use 6he acv and add teatree and rosemary to the bs..if u want..pepermint too

teatree and rosemary treat tghe dandruff pepermint cools and tingles itches away

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7 years ago
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sweet, okay thank you. and I knew it didn't look right. haha

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