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Dani Dash
5 years ago
1 posts

Hi! I made my dreads 1 week ago (backcombing method) and I was wondering whats the best way to wear them to help the locking process.
Is there any problem if I start styling them? (buns, french braids, knots, etc)
or is it better just to wear them down?
...also, whats the best way to wear them at night?

thanks in advance for helping!

updated by @dani-dash: 01/13/15 09:50:33PM
Princess Kay
5 years ago
47 posts

hi! i would like to see what the rest of pple say about that, cuz i am in my 6 month, and is going pretty well, but wear them tied up most of the day becouse of work, and i normally free them only at nigths and weekends..... they are dreading very well, but maybe it would be better for them to be free all the time :S

5 years ago
597 posts

it's best if you wear them down most the time so they can move & do what they need to to knot up. & wearing them up or in styles you may need to separate more often. but even if you wear them up often they will knot up eventually ;)

The-Pygmy Page
5 years ago
43 posts

Yeah I suggest letting them do their thing as much time you can or possibly getting a plain black tam for at work and stuff them in a tam kinda loose . which you will have to separate more often ,but it will only help

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