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Regrets, and a shift in philosophy

Ryan Emmel
14 years ago
85 posts

When I joined this community, I was aware of two disparate philosophies regarding the formation of dreadlocks. It seems that most (or the most vocal) contributors to this forum subscribe to a natural philosophy and, as is the way with humankind, believed their philosophy to be the true path. Let it be; all dreading happens on its own. They believe that true beauty lies in chaos and nature, and not by human worksmanship. The forest, they would rightly state, is by far more beautiful than a Christmas tree farm.My outlook at the time sat in harsh contrast to this natural outlook. Art, the imitation of nature to create beauty, is the truest nature of humankind. Everything we create is art of some kind or another. Herbs in food over fire is an art, refined to the very height of mans culture. Music, even the simple beating of a drum to the undulations of a singers throat, is art, and so is dancing. Math and science are arts of thought, the art of problem solving, and it is this art that differentiates our kind from the rest of apekind. Even the bombs we drop are an art, misapplied; an erroneous solution to a fabricated problembut this is not a fault of art, but a fault of the Babylonian society that commands the planets wealth.When I began dreading my hair, I wanted to create art. I wanted to convert my love, effort, and creativity into an expression of what I call my soul. Just as a master prunes a bonsai to imitate the wild tree, I wanted to guide my hair to express my inner nature not outward chaos. But after sectioning, twisting and ripping my whole head of hair, I sense the error in my desire.First, I am not a master, and the error of my hand created a disparity between expression and intention. I have not expressed the art of my soul, but the error of my hand. My hair is now a testament to my fallibility.Second, in an attempt to mimic nature, I have separated myself from nature. I knew this would happen, but five weeks ago, I didnt care. Now I do.Third, I believed, and still have not entirely relinquished the idea that art and nature must be separate. Art can enhance nature .And as I conclude this post, I come to another realization: While art can hone the beauty of nature, nature inexorably destroys art. Permanence is an illusion, but nature develops, while art decays.

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Ryan Emmel
14 years ago
85 posts
That being said, I'm strongly considering using conditioner to release my current dreads, and let it all happen again on its own.Input would be greatly appreciated. I'm tormenting myself over this.
14 years ago
362 posts
Love don't worry so much! Your poor brain must be filled with things like this!The beauty of the entire situation is the fact that while you may have started this journey by recklessly flinging yourself in head-first, nature doesn't judge. Give yourself over to the process and watch beautiful things occur. You made this your path, now walk it! Within a few months of just leaving them be, nature will be in full swing, continuing to make your dreadlocks as unique as you are! You have an art all your own, and nature will help you express it. You just have to sit back and let it happen. Tend to your locks with love, and nourish them with good food and a cleanliness, and in no time nature will begin to express her vision of art in you.You can never really separate yourself from nature...she's always there, and she will be as long as we take care of her. No one can be separated completely from nature, not even humans... though they sometimes seem soo intent on doing so. Let nature flow through you in the air that you breathe, the water you drink, and the earth under your feet.... she's still there, you're just playing a silly game of hide and seek with her!I don't see what's happened so much as an expression of your fallibility, as much as I do getting ahead of yourself. Instead of starting new, take this as a lesson and continue to walk this path! You will still go through many more scares, trials, and joys regardless of the method. I would leave them as a reminder of what you've learned!Continue to learn, continue to grow. Don't backtrack because you've learned something. Instead know what you've learned, and live that. Root yourself and embrace what nature has to offer. She can be a cruel mistress, but her journey is rewarding to the soul.And what you should take away from the art vs nature debate? Man can create art, and yes nature can destroy it. However, look through a different pair of eyes for a moment... Nature may destroy that art, but in the process she reclaims what was taken from her and creates a special and unique art all her own. Ever seen a statue held together will little more than Ivy as gravity tries to tear it apart? That's exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. When man and nature work together, then too, forms a special and unique kind of art. Work with nature, not against it; start as you have, and resign yourself, and watch the piece of art you become with her help.May the god and goddess smile on you and your journey~Faelwynn
14 years ago
15 posts
Faelwynn - I like your thoughts and totally agree.Ryan - just let your hair be from now on and let nature do her thing. Don't fuss over them. In time nature in a way take back your hair just like it does with everything else in time. I think dreads separate us from vanity, but when you start worrying about them and rolling them and all those other things - it is not freeing and it becomes vain. So i'm glad you are all about the natural way! If you start over, that is cool... and if you just rock the natural thing from now on, that is great too! No more worrying :) You my friend seem like a very wise person - i enjoyed reading your post.PEACE LOVE FREEDOM TRUTH AND LIGHT
14 years ago
844 posts
your hair is still young, you can leave your hair alone from now on as an option,alot can change to the hair when left alone long enough,anxiety over what happens (or will happen) suck early on,If you only T&R the hair, I imagine they'll still have time to change alot on their ownjust don't do anything to hastily,is my input.
Lonnie Berg
14 years ago
219 posts
Ryan my brother, I love reading your posts, you have a real understanding of english and your words are almost poetic at times.That being said, LOL. I think you should just go natural from here on out instead of starting over, nature has a way of fixing things better than we can. Have you ever seen a forest a year or two after its been burned down, time and nature can fix anything. Don't take a step back, keep going forward, just take a different path. namaste' Iain said:
your hair is still young, you can leave your hair alone from now on as an option,
alot can change to the hair when left alone long enough,

anxiety over what happens (or will happen) suck early on,
If you only T&R the hair, I imagine they'll still have time to change alot on their own
just don't do anything to hastily,
is my input.
14 years ago
70 posts
This is why i love this site:) Faelwynn you are awesome!! I was going to post something but i feel like i don't have to anymore haha you said it all.
hippie mama
14 years ago
154 posts
like you said my friend nature can destroy art by making its on randition and becoming pretty much art in itself. i think u should just let nature take over from here. i mean u started them in one midset it seems from what you have written but i dont think u should totally erase that. its who you were and it wasnt bad it was just diffrent. now your views have changed a bit and why not let your hair become a fusion of the two. you are a very intelligent individual and when i read your post i was like wow this makes alot of sense. the only thing i disagree with is that nature destroys art. i mean yes some art made of stone may not be strong anough to withstadn nature but look at all the roman art where nature didnt ruin it just made it diffrent by removing limbs from bodies and giving it a diffrent perspective. i think that is just what it may do to your hair. your hair is cool now but once nature stpes in and start to knot it up and grow parts together and tear peices in two it will become diffrent but still beautiful. as you said art and grow from the beauty of nature. maybe this was just the way you were supposed to do them maybe this is your own dreading journey. i two created my dreads and later thought to let nature take over. now they are incredibly awesome and looking back i wouldnt have done it any other way. everyones journey in life is diffrent just as everyones dreading journey is diffrent. theird diffrent ways to do it and i personally dont think any way is better then the next. do what u feel is right in your soul but dont ruin something unless you know that u r better off without it.good luck my friend. wither way isnt wrong its just about whats right for you
brooke blinebry
14 years ago
13 posts
Have faith in the process..belief that in your natural creation is PURE ART(nothing pulled from influence)As necessary as your conscience step;is the feeling of the stride.---peace
Mechanical Butterfly
14 years ago
24 posts
And as I conclude this post, I come to another realization: While art can hone the beauty of nature, nature inexorably destroys art. Permanence is an illusion, but nature develops, while art decays.I think that this is close, but fundamentally wrong. While yes, everything ends, I don't think that the philosophical implications are spot on...Nature doesn't -destroy- art, it changes it. Sometimes through entropy (removing limbs) or by growth (tendrils of ivy)... Instead of attributing negative or positive attributes to the changes, just accept it as change.First, I am not a master, and the error of my hand created a disparity between expression and intention. I have not expressed the art of my soul, but the error of my hand. My hair is now a testament to my fallibility.As an artist myself, I don't see a problem with this. When a child draws a crayon portrait of his or her family, we tell the child that the picture is wonderful... because it is. It's execution may not be as life-like and real as one created by an professional illustrator, but that's rather point, isn't it? It's a learning step in teaching the child how to express itself, it's a milestone in the child's awareness of itself and it's interaction with it's surroundings, and lastly... it's art created with emotional awareness - not for the thought of profit and gain.Just like that, is your twist and rip sectioning of your hair. It's a step, a stage of development, and something that you did with intent. Accept it, learn from it, and let it grow as it wills... some of the main tenants that I hold in my 'naturalistic' view on art.From my perspective, you're missing a step in your change of outlook to one more aligned to the naturalistic viewpoint... By once again putting your hands into your hair, you're -again- fiddling with the very thing that you've stated you want to leave alone and let the Mother take charge of. Leave it be and let nature -change- what you've initiated.~Mech
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