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Choices choices - which to buy for new locks - Vicki's Himalayan Sea Salt Spray or Lock Magic gel???

Jennifer Rose
7 years ago
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So as I posted about a few months ago, Ijust started a brand new NATURALjourney. Have had locks for years but always started with artificial methods (backcomb, crochet, extensionsetc) I was tired of therough feel of the "locks", of all the work to keep them up, and wasbeing called to take all that out, lose the expectations and restriction, and go for something organic and free.I cut out my crocheted extensions andmuch to my shock, my 6" of hair underneath that I'd dreaded and attacked the extensions to was barely knotted. I had the inch or 2 that was several months of new growth locking as it came in, and the sections were mostlystill separated, tho I ripped some in half and they were very very frizzy. I guess the restriction of the crochet and the tightness of the extension hair kept things from moving enough to get friction and lock up, kinda like wax does! so Idid a little loose rip & twist on the loose ends, andfrom now on I'mjust going the neglect route with the mess on my head and see what happens. My straight hair has always resisted locking on its own & this will be the first time I haven't crocheted or done artificial means to make it lock, this is all new for me! And a little nerve wracking, but yet it feels like the right step for me, and I embrace the mess. I have been using Bucks County Soap's shampoos for a long time, and was about to order more of the Lockin Up liquid. After seeing rave reviews on this site for other products from the site and how they helped resistant hair, I would like to try the Locking Gel and Sea Salt spray, but can't afford both. So for those of you experienced users, which would you recommend as the best for baby dreads? I plan to order this afternoon so need replies ASAP. Thanks so much!


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