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Olive Oil Soap Bar

5 years ago
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Is this safe to use? Ingredients listed are - Saponified Olive Oil, Water, Mineral Salts. I have hard water.

I know about ACV/BS wash but I'm out of BS so this Olive Oil bar is pretty much what I've got lying around for the next while.

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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You can use the soaps from Dreadlock Shampoo, as they are made specifically with hard water in mind.


HariShabad said:

If it's saponified anything that is soap that will leave crud on your hair and scalp. I have super hard water also and I cannot use soap of any kind.
5 years ago
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You can't have soap with out saponification. That's what happens when the oils and lye/water start to thicken and get to where you can put the goop into molds. Some oils and other ingredients will leave residues in hard water, I'm not sure which tho. This soap looks pretty good. Would probably leave less stuff behind in hard water than the baking soda. Plus olive oil is excellent for your skin.
5 years ago
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doesnt sound too bad. you could just follow up with an anti residue shampoo to b e safe.

5 years ago
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Soap is saponified. is saponified, and is perfect. I would use what you have. It might not be ok, but a couple of uses will tell you, if it lathers easily and washes out fairly quickly you should be fine.


5 years ago
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Thanks guys, I'll give this a try on my normal hair and see what happens. And now I'm kind of worried about using BS/ACV with hard water. I know, I know, get the dreadlockshampoo, that'll happen eventually but not for a while.

And this is the soap if anybody is interested.

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