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x ))O(( Davi ))O(( x
4 years ago
4 posts

I'm always curious about new bars and ones people are selling online...she sounds like a pretty rad chick! Yeah I would hope it's cheaper since we're both riding the same turtles' back lol makes sense for sending over the waters to be that much last few orders were directly from people's shops...just had to pay the exchange rate on the domestic USPS rate for some of em...but some have fixed rates. Hmm...never hurts to ask though, cause ya neverrrr knowwww! I wish I can smell my monitor! Lol. Thanks for the info on the site!

and yes, months is good!

Any favourites?

Any not so favourable?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,331 posts

for women the goddess bar is divine but i love nag champa patchouli teatree rosemary the sage cedar sweetgrass for an aura cleanse umm ohh dragonsblood might make u want to eat your dreads..

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Denise LaGrand
4 years ago
6 posts
I have only been dreading since October, but I have been making my own cold-process bar soap for years, and after experimenting with BS/ACV, Dr. Bronner's etc, realized my own soap bars work better. Now that I am dreading, I just continued to use that on my dreads. If you are the DIY type - consider making your own.
Filip Radulovic
4 years ago
17 posts
Nobody wants to acknowledge me hahah, well you can also buy it, if you really dont want to make it yourself, its a natural soap with non of that fake stuff used for saponification, its called ly or lye something like that, eaither way it doesnt have it, its plantain skins and cocoa pods ash with shea butter or some herb oil, like palm oil etc its good for the natural dreading journey, it makes your hair super strong and almost impossible to comb out, even if you regularly comb and have straight maintnanced hair
The Hippie Circle
4 years ago
34 posts
Tea tree and Rosemary bar is excellent. I've tried other bars and she always gives samples, but my scalp loves the tea tree.
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