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Things to Avoid with Dreadlocks

3 years ago
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I am looking to buy a gel for my dreadlocks to help tame them a bit. What are natural ingredients I should look for and what are things I should avoid...I know knottyboy has alcohol or something in their gel...not sure if that would damage or help...does anyone have any thoughts?

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3 years ago
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The only gel i concider dread safe is

the karma magic gel has a rather strong pine scent. So unless your a fan of pine might want the unscented

after using it you wont even have to rinse your hands

you dont genrraly need a gel but thats really the only 1 dreaf safe at all

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3 years ago
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I absolutely 2nd this vote. It’s so light that it leaves no residue on your hair or hands. Yet it tames. It won’t hurt your hair at all.

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