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"It was a mistake. I didn’t realize I was doing that. Sorry. "
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"Welcome & nice to meet you."
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"Hey everyone,I recently decided to go back to work and had a bit of concern over what would be with my hair being 16 months in and very messy. I have dreads..."
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"Mine did this at some point too. They have since thickened. It’s just your hair doing it’s thing.  "
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"True about Chrome has been giving so many issues but firefox has been really good about not doing so.  It’s good to see you all. It’s been a busy winter...."
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"Your mate is right, That pic of you holding your Nan’s hand is really sweet."
@lunakat13 • 9 months ago
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/20/20 12:39:51AM @soaring-eagle:

its ok i just noticed it :) and appreciated every coment

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/20/20 12:15:40AM @soaring-eagle:

u comment your own page alot :) that job post / comment should have gone in the dreads and jobs forums :)

i never saw these here and u know im most active

10/26/19 09:39:31PM @lunakat13:

Hey everyone,I recently decided to go back to work and had a bit of concern over what would be with my hair being 16 months in and very messy. I have dreads but they are short and still the many loose undreaded hairs are messy but none the less now was the time to go back to work. Today I went to a Ups interview and Was hired on the spot.  I wanted to share this with everyone because aside from being excited I wanted to say because I see many many posts about jobs and concerns of getting hired or not.  There are lots of jobs out there for dreadies. As SE always says go in like you don’t have them and it’s not a thing and if they reject you due to your dreads you probably don’t want to work there anyway. Peace and love❤️✨🌙✨

08/16/18 01:16:57PM @lunakat13:

Another exciting and big step in my journey. Today I washed my hair and for the 1st time none of my young babies unraveled. They are loopy and bendy and wonderful. It’s a huge step and I wanted to share. 

07/23/18 05:08:26PM @lunakat13:

Update, since I began my journey I’ve learned alot most from this site. Actually probably all from this site. Since I started here it has been 5 weeks into my journey and I found some loopies today which is very very exciting. Much like planting seeds and seeing those 1st tiny little saplings bud which was also very exciting when I did gardening. Anyway I’ve been using the liquid locking shampoo from the site here and the sea salt spray both if which are amazing and wonderful. I highly reccomend it. This was just an update because It was so exciting to see the loops today. 

06/12/18 09:00:05AM @lunakat13:

Oh wow thank you. Every bit of advice is helpful. 

I have learned so much reading from this site and wish I found it sooner. I started my research about 2 years ago when I decided to dread my hair. From here I learned and decided not only to do all natural, no wax or rubberbands etc. I also learned and decided not to go to a loctician. I remember saying I really didn’t like that tight bald look and thought it could be harsh. Then I found the post here all about it. So thank you again, this is the most informative site and I’m looking forward to a head full of long healthy dreads. I would like to try the liquid soap since it helps the process. 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/11/18 06:13:58PM @soaring-eagle:


be careful with bronners, in hard water it leaves very bad residues

the bars some say are safer then the liquid but is as pure natural and even more ethical and made for hard the liquid helps the dread faster

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