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Washing. Drying. Joining as friends.

6 years ago
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Hi all. So I've been slowly dojng my dreads over the past month. I did just the underneath of my head to start with like half half. But it became an absolute nightmare to wash my normal hair, and my normal hair kept wanting to make friends with my dreads and was getting really knotted and tatty. So in going all out now. I only have a few ontop to finish off. So question is washing them what do I as I can't find residue shampoo anywere and don't have alot of money to buy online? How often? And what do I do if 2 of my dreads at the back (at the roots) have decided to make the best of friends and form as one? I've only just noticed when I washed my normal hair. Thanks in advance.

I'm happy to upload photos if needed   

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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why do dreads oif its dreading just stop and let it dread. while damp or wet pull the joined dreads apart  if you waited too long there will be a ripping sound and maybe a lil pain just do it more often..cant afford residue free shampoo when it costs  less then what you had for lunch most likely less then what you had for dinner? assumming you own shoes the shoes  cost 4-10 times as much as a shampoo im betting you have more then 1 pair? how many t shirts? average cost twice as much s shampoo  do you smoke? tobaco or weed? you afford that don't you?  point is that you can afford it  but might have to prioritize ..i would bet you spend more each day then the shampoo cost that will last you months. you drink/? go to starbucks? order a pizza? skip any of the above just for a day a

but youcan sop making dreads now thy are making themselves your just resetting their progress back to day 1

nd you got your shampoo..

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6 years ago
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The shampoo they have here is amazing. My dreads are only 6 months in so I use the liquid.  It is truely the best. It helps the dreading process too.😊

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