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Think you can make a dread bead out of bamboo? Has it been done before?

Tessa Smith
7 years ago
59 posts
I want to use dried out bamboo to make a dread bead but I've never worked with it before. Would it be hard to hollow out or is it do able?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,275 posts

very easy very doable but u will want to smoothe the insidxe with sandpaper or a dremel tool to grind down roughness

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Tessa Smith
7 years ago
59 posts
Very cool, thanks guys!
7 years ago
849 posts
bamboo is already hollow, my hubby makes beads for us all the time out of it, has for the past 10+ yrs. It hardens as it ages and after cutting it down you can carve designs into it.
feelin irie
7 years ago
10 posts
Yea bamboo is awesome I use it to make gauges for my ears cause at my size they can get a littl.e expensive for organic materials.
john kopfle
7 years ago
50 posts
I just made mine it was pretty easy
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