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dread perm

the dreaded dread perm

dread perms should be a last resort, only if every other method has failed to produce dreads after a good long try. the reason being that dread perms permanently alter the hair texture, which helps the hair hold knots, but the permanent change in hair texture as it grows will leave a distinct difference between permed dread and natural new growth. this causes many dread perm wearers to cut off the permed parts once the dreads grow some.

to perm or not to perm, what should i do?

because dread perms are a harsh chemical that permanently alters the hair, it is recommended that you try every other method 1st before even considering the dreaded dread perm.
try natural 1st, at least 6 months, if no progress at all move in to:
try twist and rip second, this works well with most hair types:
if african, instead of twist and rip try twist and neglect :
try backcombing , with beads, beads can help prevent unraveling long enough for dreadlocks to form:
if you came this far and still have no dreads, oiliness is probably to blame. extend your wash cycle towards a week between washes, overwashing increases oiliness, the more oil you strip during washing the more your scalp will produce to replace it. in between washings spray the scalp with a strong tea made from thyme.: after reducing oiliness try all above steps again, with beads in sections to help them along. if you again get to the end of the list with no dreading, then go on to the dread perm, with the understanding that you may end up chopping off the permed parts once natural dreadlocks are forming at the roots.

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truZy dWn millZ
02/28/12 08:55:01PM @truzy-dwn-millz:

i think it has to do with who is doing your perm. as long as you do your research and check on the person who is doing it for you. you can get really nice dread permed locks

02/09/12 11:31:05AM @lasersnshit:

@Alex Pohlbut afterwards ur dreads will get much worse and might fall off or get really dry, and they defeat the whole point of dreads which is to be natural, spiritual and free, and putting chemicals into ur hair isnt doing that.

Sidian Jones
01/26/12 07:23:32PM @tamara2:

my dreads where made by dread perm and they're inpretty good shape

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