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crocheting method, making dreadlocks with crochet hook

crocheted dreadlocks look extremely neat, but are very high maintenance

this is what crochet will do to your dreads!

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this is a guide to creating and maintaining crocheted dreadlocks , however this method is not recommended because of the extreme damage caused and the excessive maintenance involved.

first lets talk about the issues:

the quest for perfection

dreadlocks are not meant to be perfect, but in todays corporate environment neatness may be a factor, so many opt for crocheting to create very neat tidy dreads . the problem with this is multiple issues.

1: the dreads have a distinct woven look very different from the natural growth so constant touch ups are needed to keep uniformity

2:when shoving a metal hook through a dread you break more hairs then you "fix" so the tidiness only lasts a week or 2 then the dreads get extra fuzzy and need to be crocheted again to fix the damage caused by crocheting

3:it becomes a never ending cycle of damage and repair, many continue crocheting year after year weekly or bi weekly, even up to 15 hours at a time>

4: over time the dreads become "perforated" and weak, even in extreme cases falling off or becoming very thin especially at the roots.

5: the dreads when crocheted obsessively can look "fake" having had all the natural personality woven out of them.

6: crocheting even one time just to start will delay any progress by 6 months or more the extreme tightness does not alow movement so they do not dread until they are allowed to loosen enough to dread this takes a very long time.

if you did start your dreads with crochet, stop, they should recover eventually unless the damage has progressed too far. i included the above video as a guide, crocheting dreads is an option for professional environments especially when permanence is not expected. however, neatness can also be acheived by just pulling your dreads back neatly, smoothing with aloe, or wearing a tram or wrap.

note to professionals:
no employer has the right to limit your freedom of religion, this does not mean you have to be rasta to wear dreadlocks. haveing any religions or spiritual belief connected to dreading is enough, even just believing in remaining natural. therefore they cannot demand neatness that is not reasonable while folowing a nazerite like vow to not maintain your hair. reasonable expectations can only include hiding the dreads or styling them in a presentable manor (tied back neatly)

this video also should be watched and understood fully

the truth about crocheting dreadlocks
alternatives for maintaining dreadlocks
alternatives for creating dreadlocks
complete info on all things dready

every post related to crochet dreads, learn from those who been there done that

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/22/14 10:53:33PM @soaring-eagle:

post pics u might want to lose the extentions sooner rather then later

Issam Barahmeh
03/22/14 10:44:58PM @issam-barahmeh:

I've had my dreads just over a year, at the time my hair wasn't very long plus I have "genetic" balding on the top of my head, so I had a few synthetic locks crocheted in. for 8 months I had them tightened with the hook every 5 weeks or so, until I went to Bali and had some real hair extensions crocheted. This was october last year and this was the last time I had any work done. 5 months later and I have -lots- of excess hair floating around, particularly on the top of my head. Most of the roots and my own hair that's still showing is much thinner than the extensions I put in.. so I imagine it's going to look a bit daft in another year or two.

I want to go as natural as I can! What hair I do have (that's actually mine) is so thin and sparse, so I wanna keep most of the extensions until I can repair my scalp and hopefully get some more hair going.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/23/13 08:00:17PM @soaring-eagle:

seem to mature is the operative word they fake maturity by constant crochet the more they crochet the longer they delay any actual maturing its the same as wa only crochets worse its brute force tightening wich prevents dreading by 6 months if only done once many times and it can take well over a year or longer to recover and begin to dread

kanisha altidor
09/23/13 07:51:13PM @kanisha-altidor:

Umm..yeah,so, i've known quite a handful of people who had their dreadlocks crocheted but seem to mature fine from day one to maybe a year. I dunno,is that a hair texture thing or what?

Sharla Aughenbaugh
08/23/13 07:06:04AM @sharla-aughenbaugh:

:( , because i'm working in an office , I opted with crochet dreads .., some ask me if my locks are fake or real .. but its real , some criticize me because of my locks .. but I don't care , I love my hair, now its kinda messy and I like it :) ..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/21/13 01:49:41PM @soaring-eagle:

u can carefully comnb em oit with lots of condiotioners or u can use aloe or jojoba to slowly losen and soften them up

John LaBarbera
05/21/13 05:46:10AM @john-labarbera:

Thanks SE! I have decided to leave the crochet ones as they are and twist/rip the remaining and feeling much better about it! One question though - there are 2 crochet right at the front and centre - I want to undo them as they are going to drive me insane they are rock hard and wierd looking - do u think its a good idea to try and unpick or should I just leave them be? Any good methods for undoing crochets? they have only been in 2 days...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/20/13 10:48:11AM @soaring-eagle:

both innterlock and crochet are horible methods

if your able id just start over

John LaBarbera
05/20/13 05:24:32AM @john-labarbera:

Hello! I just wanted to see if I can get some advice - I have mixed black & white hair - when its dry its very curly and frizzy but when its wet its very straight. I wasadvisedto interlock my quite short hair and then synthetic braid over the top for 2 months in the hope that it would speed up the interlocking process but I guess myhairis more 'white' than 'black' because aftersufferingthose horrible synthetic braids for 2 months I have taken them out and there is no change to my hair! The dread guy said my only option is to crochet and has croche'd 18 so far with 30 to go. I'm not a big fan of the crochet look I think they lookwoollyand blunt at the ends - what will happen now if crochet the remaining 30 and then never crochet again? I know that the best thing is to just leave them completely natural but Idonthavetime as in less than 4 months i'm going on a 6 month trip where i will be spending around 80% of my time in the ocean and the rest of the time without electricity/running water etc - I'd really love to have them at least off to a good start by then! Any advise would be great! thanks!

Zayna Reigh
07/07/12 05:53:44AM @zayna-reigh:

Hey guys, I just started my dreads after watching almost every video with the word 'dreadlock' on youtube. Some people said that they can come loose after the first wash. My dreads are already fairly loose anyway, so should I put elastics in the end or something to stop them coming undone?

Oh, and are there any dreadlock products worth getting? I know not to get wax, but do the shampoos work?

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