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dreadlock maintenance

dreadlocks are typically low maintenance, however if you do a lot of maintenance you can make a low maintenance hairstyle into a high maintenance one.

typical maintenance for low maintenance dreads include:

washing dreads

separating dreadlocks to prevent congos.

high maintenance dreads can include any or all of the following, all of which is unnecessary:

twisting dreads.

palm rolling

root rubbing

clockwise or counterclockwise rubbing .



interlocking or root flipping


sewing in loose hairs

tip rubbing



for more info on all these dreadlocks maintenance methods see the maintenance section of the forums

Timothy Pate
11/06/14 06:54:37PM @timothy-pate:

Strange question, but I have noticed that my dreads are doing better on the side of my head that I sleep on. Has anyone had this problem?

Chris Grant
10/03/14 04:58:12AM @chris-grant:

i feel mine could do with a little bit of assistance in the locking process, haven't brushed my hair in a year, that's about the only thing i've done ( or haven't done ) could anyone give me a bit of advise on how i can tidy them up a bit?

Rouch Scrooge
03/11/13 06:39:32PM @rouch-scrooge:

Fabulous on the clean. Thank you much

03/11/13 05:54:53PM @brenna:

Get your hair nice and soaked, then get the bar wet. Scrub your scalp with it till you are nice and lathered up. Don't scrub your locks themselves, just your scalp. Let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse it off well. If you don't use much, it may leave some residue. If your hair is really lathered up, you'l be just fine. As you rinse, it'll run through your locks, cleaning them

Rouch Scrooge
03/11/13 05:48:57PM @rouch-scrooge:

Anybody inform me how to use the dread bar for shampooing?

12/13/12 08:44:01PM @brenna:

We actually have a whole shops page on here where people sell their wares. Tons of people make tams

Rhianna Loves You
12/13/12 08:38:49PM @rhianna-loves-you:

Thanks guys. Are there any websites you guys recommend beside etsy to find wool tams? Are tams a positive or negative thing for dreads

12/13/12 04:18:06PM @brenna:

The reason you hear a lot of whatnot to do and yet still see round locks is because locks round themselves out over time. There's no secret we're hidingand keeping to ourselves.

Palm rolling gently, will only make them look clean for a few hours. It doesn't do anything lasting. So it's really not worth it.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/13/12 03:28:51PM @soaring-eagle:

rolling does nothing at all unless u do it enough to cause harm flat dreads tend to get round over time when u flatten it 1 way then another it gets round

just leave em alone

dreads shouldnt cause a receding hairline unless tuied back too tightly or heavy with wax buildup

theysd also need to be tied back almost all the time

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