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Drea Nicole


Location: San Diego, CA
Zipcode: 92102
Country: US


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Gene Thompson
02/23/12 12:43:18AM @gene-thompson:

Bless! Thanx for the request drea, and sorry I took so long to get bk to you. I actually havent been on this site for a very long time, since i cut my locks :( I'm in the process of growing them again because I miss them so much! I'm from southeast san diego, how about u? and yes its nice to see other people from my hometown here as well :) One love.

Krystal Steen
10/26/11 03:30:19AM @krystal-steen:

Hi thanks for adding me! One love :)

10/18/11 05:27:24PM @exalthimx7:

Thank you for the friend, Nicole'] God Bless your journey...Nancy

10/13/11 05:17:32PM @kafkax:

Howdy neighbor!

Jessy Reyes
10/10/11 08:56:45PM @jessy-reyes:

thanks for the request, i appreciate it. hope your doing well in your journey. Love and Peace!

03/05/11 01:35:55PM @daiguma:
Hello!! Thank you for the invite beautiful woman :) eyes and!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/27/11 06:25:36PM @soaring-eagle:

yea but im looking to buy land in colorado to build a earthship community semi soon


Black Nash
11/21/10 05:13:54AM @black-nash:

11/12/10 04:33:22PM @jeanine:
thank you very much.i'm glad i can paint a picture for those willing to see! :)i can tell you are a beautiful soul!

11/02/10 05:48:51PM @fluffybren:
you seem to have the face that could just change a life. one that when people see you any heartache just dissapears:)

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