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Diego F.


Location: São Paulo
Country: Brazil

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82 days - neglect - freeform - natural - organic dreadlocks update [BRAZIL]

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Diego F.
08/22/12 08:43:41PM @diego-f:

thank you so much SE! I'm really loving this path... This month was the month! Tomorrow my essential oils will arrive in my home, and i'll solve some annoying scalp issues that i'm having...

Today in my work i heard of people talking about me at my backs... I heard someone saying "He will be like Bob Marley soon", i don't know what was the intentions, but i liked it!

What i love about my hair is that it is so curly [and i'm losing some lenght because of the curlyness] and it make good knots!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/22/12 08:38:37PM @soaring-eagle:
really good progress considering its barely long enough

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