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dreadlocks shampoo
Diego F.


Location: São Paulo
Country: Brazil

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New set of neglect dreadlocks // Day #9 / curly hair

Category: Music
Duration: 00:02:26
Hello guys, I'M BACK! I'm neglecting again, and this time i started with longer hair, and i'm already seeing progress tht in the previous set i only saw after 7 months. I already have loops and sections shrinking and getting round. I did not crochet, comb, backcomb, tnr, palm rolled or did anything to my hair.

My hair ia thick, and most of it is curly, with some parts wavy and the hair at the bottom of my neck is straight.

I have some occasional bad itching [because of the loosen hair tickling my scalp] and my scalp is still adjusting again to the baking soda / acv rinse. I'm waiting for the arrival of a dreadlock liquid shampoo that i'll use soon. I'm wash one day, skip the other, wash the other and so on...

As of today i started taking 5000mcg biotin every day.

If you are curious about my previous set, you can see it here:
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