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dreadlocks shampoo
Cristin Nessen


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9 & a 1/2 months :)
Still a bit wispy, but I think they're really finally starting to come along!
Still not a great shot, but it's a better view of how my hair looks at 8 months
Dreads at 8 months
Sorry for the bad quality. I don't think my dreads should look this scraggly at 8 months..?
Photo uploaded on June 3, 2012
About 4 months old
They're kinda fuzzy, but they're gettin' there!
My dreads a week or two after I put them in


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/21/12 02:52:41PM @soaring-eagle:


wax gotta be removed its not good enough to just stop using it also crocghet will delay progress by about 6 months ..its best to just be patient and let em dread at their own pace

Ashley Marz
04/30/12 01:14:50AM @rachael-davis:

Hey, I was just thinkin about you so I searched for ya and seen ya havent updated much. found your video on i'm sad :(. Glad to see your happy about your decision though.I'll miss your updates for sure.

Johnnie Elizabeth
04/05/12 02:51:06AM @lupe-espinoza:

hey, sweetie! i saw your recent hooping video on youtube. so the dreads are no more? what happened? i hope everything is good with you:)

03/12/12 08:56:43PM @wick:

how come your dreads look so good?

you don't have any frizz or hairs everywhere so neat how do you keep them so nice looking? like wow i cant put it in words right now just so perfect. how?

lovelyjoy alvaran
03/12/12 04:55:06PM @lovelyjoy-alvaran:
Hi. I want to go natural but that means I will have toComb out ten mont crochet dreads and my hair is alreadyThin. Any advice??

Sarah Perigo
03/08/12 06:57:09PM @sarah-perigo:

Just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to brush out my dreads and start over a few months ago! After two months of doing nothing to my hair, I love it more than ever! Thank you so much! xox

ash barrow
02/26/12 04:43:42PM @ash-barrow:

Hey Kelsey Joy! I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! Your videos on youtube led me here and encouraged me to start neglecting, love and peace have a wonderful day you're a beautiful person <3

Charles Ti Mega
01/19/12 01:34:30PM @niels:

Hi Kelsey,

Sorry to hear about your hair fiasco. Trust me, I panicked too when I chopped off my hair because "so-called lockticians" did not know what the hell they were doing. I was sad, but hey it is growing back. I am still in awe that I ever trusted those folks, but hey, when you know better , you will do better! I was even tempted to go back to a natural salon for starter dreads. I made the decision to not go back to the salons and try my damnest to start the locks myself. I do not know how my hair is going to come out--I am not hair savvy! :) I am praying and relying on soaringeagle and the rest of my dreddy friends to help me through my journey! LOL! Hang in there girl, it could be worse. :) You can wait for the color to fade away and it will. Your hair will get knotty-beautiful again in no time. Sea salt will help! I used salt to help my hair when I had the mess on my head. I want to start the dreads on a good note and I think I will do awesome if I stay out of the salons. They took my cash and my hair. My hair started to stink, even though it was kept clean and conditioned. Oh well, this is 2012 and we will see. Keep me posted regarding your hair--you will be fine! :)

Kevin Fraser
01/18/12 05:37:43AM @castaway-j:

happy dreadyversary!!

jessica rainbow
12/18/11 07:50:39PM @storm730:

i must tell you, your hula videos are really hypnotizing. you are my inspiration for picking up the hoop. where did you get your hoop?

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