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dreadlocks shampoo
Chuck R


Location: Key West, FL
Zipcode: 33040
Country: US

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01 Nite Becomes Day 1.m4a

01 Nite Becomes Day 1.m4a

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Starting my beardlocks
photo 4frhgkklo
Got a few matting together
In my jungle.
Lockin up
Back '09
First Dreads
The first time I dreaded my hair
Amsterdam dreadin


Baba Fats
08/07/12 02:09:46AM @baba-fats:

Sorry. I didn't bother to check the dates on some of those pics. The ones from 2012 look great

Baba Fats
08/07/12 02:02:25AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. But the crocheting is going to really destroy those nice locks. I can see your scalp in some of your pics. That's a bad sign. It's called traction alopecia and will eventually lead to baldness. All it does is break hairs into smaller and smaller pieces. They will become too weak to hold their own weight and probably start to snap off in places.

Also, I can see in a few places that something was tied relatively tight around one of your locks. That caused a couple of weak spots that if left like that might start to keep thinning and thinning until they are only held on by a few hair until it breaks

Lion Paw
09/13/10 11:54:00PM @lion-paw:
Yeah its a great town for raising my daughters, for now at least. Sounds like you will have a nice winter in the sunshine.

08/03/10 08:20:09PM @naturalwomyn:
key west rocks! we lived there for a few months on the beach. Belladonna flowers and mallory pier! Crazy Fun!

05/24/10 09:15:53PM @k-e-a-z:
i used acv rinse

Reece Willmott - Rice
05/10/10 12:54:59PM @reece-willmott-rice:
its good man, sorry about the late reply, i have been on here for a while, hows it going? dreads are looking good man (Y)

Valentine Jah Luv
04/26/10 12:38:03AM @valentine-jah-luv:
Ah I wish tomorrow wasn't Monday already :P This weekend went by way too fast! Hope you're living well and enjoying yourself.

Valentine Jah Luv
04/25/10 01:29:06AM @valentine-jah-luv:
Truly blessed :) How are you?

Smail Jr
04/24/10 08:08:43AM @smail-jr:
thanks man, great dones you got too

Andrew Harder
04/22/10 06:38:33PM @andrew-harder:
nice, ya i'm from north idaho but i know quite a few people in summit. maybe you know brennan metzler or ted goggin? i got a buddy thats a total goof you'll prolly see him around, no poles and full face helmet and he's in the park everyday unless the pow is epic. i only rode one day at breck cos it was too crowded early season. i sure wish i coulda caught a storm and hit the east wall! another season...

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