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DREADLOCKS - Irritating things people say/ask Dreadheads

Duration: 00:01:54
I hope this video reaches out to the entire dreaded family around the world...i'm keeping my Dreads crossed:D (joke) you can follow me on fb at https://www.f...
Michelle Malone
10/06/13 10:15:14PM @michelle-malone:
Absolutely hilarious!!!!!! Kept pausing the video and lol!!! :-)

Laura Earle
10/06/13 09:29:11PM @laura-earle:

Could not. Stop. Laughing. Well done man. XD

10/04/13 05:52:41PM @taye:

Love this!!

nikymor g. dizon
10/03/13 08:20:51PM @nikymor-g-dizon:

here in the philippines if its untidy theylle think your crazy or a beggar. sometimes when im on the mall people stare at me but and i stare back at them with piercing eyes eheheheh. coz they only see dredocks that are uniform 1 inchers. ^^

10/03/13 04:58:48PM @edana:

OK.... I LOVE THIS!!!!!I love it when people ask if my dreads stink. I simply say, " I don't think so... You sniff them and tell me". :-P

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