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poofy dread roots?!

user image 2012-11-01
By: christian2
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ok so im one month and one week in and my roots there..there..poofy as hell i guess thats my natural hair growing or what not but what do i do? when i headband my hair back i see how poofy it gets 20121029_110102.jpg is this apart of the process? or should i start crocheting? and is there any way i can resection some?

11/05/12 10:39:28AM @gingerrose:

It's all perception, too - if you post the "poofy" pics here, folks will tell you what they think is beautiful; and they will more than likely tell you it is beautiful

11/04/12 09:55:04PM @jony:
Hang on my dude.

11/01/12 07:31:29PM @coloursnrainbows:
It is a part of the process. And no don't crochet! That's way more. Damaging then u want.

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