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By christian2, 2012-10-27

images.jpg ok ok im about one month and a week in and my dreads are starting to backfire on me to the point people have even said is that dread locks or has he not brushed his hair? and i need help im right now using neglect but i started with twist and rip i refuse to put anything that might damage my dread locks on my hair i honestly just want nice looking dreads like the first picture but instead mines look alot dryer and plus there much shorter i keep them looking nice with a head band but thats all i can really do but here are how my dreads look there really short and blah looking 20121026_155235%20%281%29.jpg 20121026_181509.jpg they dont even feel like dreads they feel like fluff balls

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hey guys, my dreads are making me feel like without the head band im going for some chucky finster look or some crack head xD im not paranoid or anything i just want to know what can i do to at least to make less of this crappy dread look mind you that im using natural method xP

chucky finster: Chuckiepro.jpg

ME: 20121027_210638.jpg , 20121027_210653.jpg

i just finished washing them and there already dry some are begining to shrink and frizz so yea any help?

oh and good afternoon dread heads ^_^

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dread lock accesories?

By christian2, 2012-10-29

so i cut off the top of one of the smallest beanies ive had on me in order to make some sort of dread lock head wrap which was a fail lol cause now its fabric is everywhere, where i cut is falling apart does anyone have any sitesspecificallyto buy things for dread locks? accessories? tams?, beads. beanies etc?

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anyone have a good timeline?

By christian2, 2012-10-31

i have really knotty curly hair as you can see 20121029_204310-1.jpg i was wondering is there any section of this website or does anyone with my kind of hair thats been dreading since short hair with the twist and rip / natural method have any timelines i can see? cause its not easy feeling good about the stages im going through without actually seeing someone that went through those stages succeed in them ya know? i just want to feel more secure about these stages that way a though in my head could tell me that its just a stage and there not just looking crazy ya knw? thanks! =D

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poofy dread roots?!

By christian2, 2012-11-01

ok so im one month and one week in and my roots there..there..poofy as hell i guess thats my natural hair growing or what not but what do i do? when i headband my hair back i see how poofy it gets 20121029_110102.jpg is this apart of the process? or should i start crocheting? and is there any way i can resection some?

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