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anyone have a good timeline?

By: christian2
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i have really knotty curly hair as you can see20121029_204310-1.jpgi was wondering is there any section of this website or does anyone with my kind of hair thats been dreading since short hair with the twist and rip / natural method have any timelines i can see? cause its not easy feeling good about the stages im going through without actually seeing someone that went through those stages succeed in them ya know? i just want to feel more secure about these stages that way a though in my head could tell me that its just a stage and there not just looking crazy ya knw? thanks! =D

Diego F.
11/19/12 07:54:10PM @diego-f:

you can find my timeline looking in my page. started with short hair, natural method...

11/02/12 09:34:09AM @dreadfulscotty:

There are a bunch of timelines here on the site. You can also find more timelines on Dreadlock Truth's forum.

Let them be free and don't worry about if they are progressing.

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