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** SUN GAZING ** Solar Powered Human

Duration: 00:08:26
01/13/13 11:21:28AM @kelly3:

I have no problem with watching a sunrise. But care should be taken with this. Don't stare for too long. Look away frequently, etc.

As the sun gets higher the rays get more intense. The fool on the video says that you can work up to stare at the full sun. Surely you can see this is a bad idea. Maybe not since "the issue of it being damaging is missing the point" (a point which,Imust say, does not seem to have any basis in reality).

I will take care when watching a sunrise or sunset. I will not stare for too long, nor will I look directly at the full sun. People, please, do the same. No doubt there will be an endless barrage of people coming down one side of the issue or the other. To the people who decide this is a good idea and want to further their sun starting abilities... Evolution is still in action

I've said all I can. Signing off..

01/13/13 11:06:12AM @taye:

He is using the sun to connect with nature. To realize that the earth and sky are so powerful is a beautiful thing. To know that we are more than bone and blood. We are spirit. Our spirit is eternal our bodies are only here for us to use for a short time. I think the issue of it being damaging is missing the point. You don't have to watch a sunrise if you don't want to. Don't do it if you think it is bad for you. I choose to enjoy and cherish every sun rise and sun set that is gifted to these human eyes of mine.

Castaway J
01/13/13 10:55:33AM @castaway-j:

as if youtubes the only source of information on all of the internets. EVENTUALLY is what he said. your not using yoru head bro. lol i enjoy our conversations :)

Castaway J
01/13/13 10:53:13AM @castaway-j:

that guys been doing it for 30-40 years? im listening to him. explains the science and truth behind it better than i can.

01/13/13 10:51:05AM @kelly3:

"Researching" on youtube... There is your first problem, brother. Keep your damaging practices to yourself. Just because people have done it before does not make it a good idea. Even if it was as far back as thePharaohs.

The guy says, in the video, that you will eventually be able to stare at the fullSaharansun. Please lad, use your head. Stop being such a fool and so easily led.

Castaway J
01/13/13 10:44:52AM @castaway-j:

here is how i began. researching the metaphysical led me to a video here

i watched took it in, then tried to find arguments against it like always. then i decided to say screw the noise. i found out for myself. if you think or believe that your eyesight will be damaged then do not do it that simple. this is nothing new to humans, and humans have been doing it for centuries.

if you havent been practicing, and you try to look at the sun yeah yor going to squint, your going to have watery eyes, i can start at the sun from the moment it breaks the horizon till about 11-12 minutes before i get watery eyes, and the time keeps increasing. im not sharing on a whim im sharing from experience brother. peace be with you.

01/13/13 10:32:41AM @kelly3:

What have you got to lose other than your eyesight? PLEASE AVOID THIS!! Staring at the sun WILL damage your retinas.

Should I really have to post to argue against such an idiotic idea? I hope not. Please, use common sense and don't be so easily led. This isdefinitelya bad idea.

"What do you have to loose?".. Your eyesight.

Castaway J
01/13/13 10:12:09AM @castaway-j:

what a beautiful man, help spread this amazing ancient practice egyptian priests and pharoes used to do!

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