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user image 2012-11-28
By: Castaway J
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The Earth, mother earth, has 7 chakras; the human body has 7 chakras, and so on. Meditating and cleansing of these chakras is done just as one would meditate and cleans ones own chakras of negative dark energy with each exhale and filling it with light energy received through each deep inhale, for inner peace and balance of not only oneself, but for the world. Praying or meditating, focusing on say a natural disaster somewhere in the world, has been proven to have profound positive effects on the outcome. The effect of human thought and consciousnesss been studied in Washington D.C. for instance, one of the highest rates of criminal activities in the United States. Immediately crime rates dropped, and it was shown that mental influence can have a direct effect on ones surroundings. They say keep your thoughts to yourself, but even having the thoughts to begin with is enough to manifest something in your life youd have been better off without.

One of my favorite examples that scientifically proves that us, Human Beings, are directly connected to mother earth and her electro-magnetosphere is what they observed on 9/11/2001. I know the events make me cringe thinking about still. But what happened on that day was so devastating. NASA has two satellites in space that measure the strength of earths electromagnetic field. At all times, for decades they have been studying the electromagnetic field and have made the observation that it is weakening, and this thing is what protects us from radiation blasts from the sun and other distant bodies. Anyway, on 9/11 the whole world felt the same emotion for the most part, in turn this made the electromagnetic field of the earth spike very high as if out of nowhere. We are directly connected to the earth and her spiritual vibrations. The rapture, for all intensive purposes, refers to the earth splitting in vibrations, higher and lower.

If you know about vibrations then you know about the two basic emotions that stem out the rest of the emotions. The two basic vibrations are FEAR and LOVE. From those two emotions you get all of the others, all corresponding low or high in their respective vibrations.
The DNA within us all act as if they are antennae picking these vibrations up, but your DNA can only receive so much energy. Think of it like this, a low vibration is long and stretched out, so naturally it is going to hit your DNA fewer times, whereas a higher vibration from someone living in love is going to receive more of this positive energy, its like seeing people who have a certain glow about them. Its because it is true.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to work at this change of character. Its been a work on progress for years. But lately the energy Ive been picking up on has a sense of urgency too it, telling me the time to wrap up karma is now, it should anyway, but some has to be worked out yourself. But the journey that I have been on for many years has only really began to make sense and fall into place since letting my hair lock.

If youve been experiencing similar things trust you are not a lone I promise. Life is great, no matter the setbacks Ive come to realize. Just take it one day at a time and stay true to your word, the Love in your heart is the one and only true currency. Remember when you fret over a bill or the economy, just remember that its all fictitious and doesnt deserve they energy you put into it by worrying.

I finished this post 10 times but kept writing

12/12/12 06:55:06PM @ryan6:
Okay science can see where emotions in the brain come from. If you can't prove something exists then science will spend lifetimes trying to prove it. The brain is a powerful part of the body and will do what it needs to do to make sense of the environment around it. You think the colors you see are real? Negative it is your brain making the colors palatable in reality the world is mostly the color blue and blue hues. The brain will do what it has to to make sense. Science knows how a tree grows but the why is moot. Humans have this odd need to give everything a purpose, everything has a mission...that just simply isn't so. There is only existence, the need to propagate the species and continue the existence. No great design we are just trying to survive. The metaphysical and religious are just ways of coping with death and giving us a purpose when there is none.

Lisa Wade
12/12/12 01:49:00PM @lisa-wade:

I find this information fascinating and I am always looking for new education.

Castaway J
12/12/12 12:23:38PM @castaway-j:

beautiful explanation. thats why i stress to people to perceive all possible angles, finding an explanation that resonates with their being. this method of seeking answers has not steered me wrong. and yes perfect, it has been proven that sacred geometry appeals to both brains, the right and the left. sacred geometry is one of the fewexceptionsin this world to somehow peak interest in both sides allowing for easy development of the bridge between the two. this will help you get in touch with your intuition and more.

Marcellus Wallace
12/12/12 11:57:04AM @marcellus-wallace:

The problem with attaining scientific evidence of the metaphysical is that it simply cannot be done, but just because something cannot be proven doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Sure there are no chakras visible when you dissect a human being, but when you cut a person open you also do not see happiness, intelligence, memories nor any of the things that actually make us human, yet surely you accept those things to exist and be "real". There are two states of awareness.The one based on intuition can be called pure awareness. In this state the person is completely and vividly aware of his experience, but there are no processes of thinking, manipulating, or interpreting going on. The sensations fill the person's attention, which is passive but absorbed in what is occurring, which is usually experienced as intense and immediate. Pure awareness is experiencing without associations to what is there. The other state of awareness is one which can be termed conscious awareness, in which the sensory experience is connected to meanings, plans, functions, decisions, and possible actions. This is our normal way of perceiving and how we usually go about our daily lives. We do not sense the world directly, but with the incorporation of our memories, meanings, and uses. It is this filter through our memories that is a limiting factor in the purely scientific approach to understanding, for this way is only a division. We as humans divide, segregate, and organize things to make sense of them, that's how we invented time, spacial dimensions, categorization by name, and many other measurements based on arbitrary reference points. Science can explain what is, not why it is. It can tell you what the tree is composed of, it's dimensions, and how it functions, but it will fail terribly to tell you why this tree grew and why it is so beautiful. A good representational example would be the geometrical pattern of "the flower of life". When you take one circle and expand upon it with equal circles at the distance of the radius you achieve many significant mathematical relations. Although you can derive many numbers from it, you are still no closer to explaining why a circle with no inherent characteristics produces these precise angles and faces when expanded at equal distance from its radius. I suggest you draw this circle of life a couple times a day, after a few days you'll start making connections and realizations that seem to come from nowhere.

11/29/12 07:30:50AM @gingerrose:
Tim, your point on metaphysical/physical experience was well put. I recall some study of cells or cell components which were separated by many miles... They introduced some stimuli to one group (of cell/cell components), and the other group responded as if they had also had the stimuli. That might help with the DNA "antennae" question, but I am working from my phone and lack the patience to look it up right now ;)

Castaway J
11/29/12 01:26:05AM @castaway-j:

exactly, thats how i feel about chakras lol

11/28/12 09:51:12PM @ryan6:
We're all connected to eachother biologically, to the Earth chemically, to the rest of the universe atomically. I know that the molecules in my body are traceable to phenomana in the cosmos, that makes me want to grab people in the street and scream "HAVE YOU HEARD THIS!"

11/28/12 08:31:49PM @kelly3:

I look forward to it. For me it is bed time and I will catch it tomorrow. Take it easy and safe home.

Castaway J
11/28/12 08:25:46PM @castaway-j:

@Adam - i will elabotate on the study done on DNAand how that works.. we are all living in this same reality, at the same time though its been proven that atoms are never in one single point in space, untill a concious observer looks at it through a microscope. this means that while we all live in the same reality, we are all co-creators of this reality. i thought i talked about what they did in DC and other cities...

and yes metaphysical investigation is not as easy as a physical investigion which use stuck in the 5 senses...anyway g2g home. be back soon friends. i enjoy this conversation.

11/28/12 08:19:35PM @tim5:

What I have seen and what I have felt are real, my experiences are my reality.

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