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07/03/12 05:51:32PM @sweet:

Yep Thursdays message go through.

07/03/12 05:43:51PM @sweet:

I'm still getting used to how the comments work, you have to really know what your talking about to understand the messages goin back and forth, but yep the detangler is a lighter form of conditioner and sound like your doing so much good preparation by not conditioning:)

06/28/12 06:15:23PM @sweet:

If you haven't already started dreading each time u shampoo from now on don't use any conditioner, I didn't condition a whole year before i dreaded.

06/20/12 07:08:56PM @sweet:

Those sections look to me really nice and big, there is 1 comforting thought for us lot that have such thin fine hair and that is - when u have done a bit of T&R or with you rope braids from there on each and every hair that wants to fall out can't escape, we loose on average 100 hairs daily, with dreads all those hairs can't escape, they lock into the new growth of dread that is coming from the root area, so that means they r going to be alot thicker than you realize. With the sectioning you have done you r going to have really massive dreads, I have so the same hair as you thickness wise and have done 1 inch square sections, so that has given me 26 dreads all up.

If you do end up not sure of the sizes I can help you with either how to make them thicker or how to divide them up if they are too thick, no problems either way, I have done it myself many times with good results:)

06/20/12 06:41:37PM @sweet:

Great, now were friends, its easier to communicate through inbox with some brainstorming ideas for maybe decorating those dreads, or if your like me I havn't done anything yet, I have a bit of grey at the front and bought a permanent colour, it will be the first time i have ever done a colour on dreads!

06/18/12 12:57:02AM @heather:

i have probably tried 20 or more different shampoos/washes since starting my journey 20 months ago. i would suggest that you start out with the bs washes in the beginning. they really help the hair gain the right texture for knotting. if your doing a starter method (t&r, backcomb) then around 6-8 months you can switch to organic/natural shampoo. i would hold off a little longer if your going natural. you don't want to shampoo the knots out. right now i'm using Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree shampoo. i add some to a squirt bottle filled with water and then add about 5 drops of tea tree oil. this works really well for me. when looking for shampoos you want to look for one that says clarifying or for oily hair. they're least likely to have any conditioning agents in them. also most natural shampoo tend to have aloe in them which is quite conditioning for us dreadheads. make sure aloe is listed as far down in the ingredients as possible. hope this helps:)

06/17/12 06:45:25PM @sweet:

With me it was making sure the sectioning was the right thickness, do you know what method your using and if your going to decorate with threads or jewellery, I like the idea of sewing coins into a couple of mine. I know its all sooo exiting just thinking about where your going with it all. Hope you keep me posted on how your getting on, i'm a qualified hairdresser so if you have any questions i'm happy to help, i'm not either for or against any methods used, just getting it done is what matters.

All the best.

06/16/12 03:30:58AM @heather:

hey! the soap would probably be best used on your body instead of your hair. it has too many oils in it and the cocoa butter will build up causing a ton of residue. just stick with bs/acv or a good clarifying organic shampoo and you'll do fine:)

Baba Fats
06/13/12 11:07:40PM @baba-fats:

Thanks for the add. And if you use the BS wash, don't forget to follow with the ACV rinse

06/13/12 05:36:39PM @sweet:

Hello Bug,

Really looks like your going to get those dreads!

Sound so determined just like I was and my only regret is that i didn't do it sooner!

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