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Pride Pics!

By Bug, 2012-06-28

here is the photobucket link to my pics i took during the Twin Cities Pride Fest and Parade with my bff Siobahn who had ot put up with me for almost a whole week lol! :D

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My frist blog post!!

By Bug, 2012-06-28

I think....

Back from Pride in the Twin Cities. It was an awesome time and I loved spending nearly a week with my bff. gonna upload my zillon photos to photobucket or something..when i finally the energy too.

In other news i try my first 20 min. yoga for weight lost DVD today. I'm still fairly flexible from marital arts so the exercises didn't seem hard at the time but boy when i got done all my muscle were shaking! Gonna have to keep with this and see if it does any good!

For those in the heat wave zones stay cool!



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