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I have hairy legs... on mah head!

By Currychakra, 2014-05-02

I had been thinking about all the ways I could accessorize my locs and had scoured the internet for it.

There is a spiritual belief that your hair is tantamount to your life experience. Whatever you do, eat, and think, is all recorded into your hair eventually.

Therefore, I really wanted my accessories to really mean something to me, so I made this two days ago.

It's a dreadlock coil created from the random bits of wire I had lying around and of course, one real. X3

Brazil is a place that really changed me. I learnt how to cook here, found my first love, gained so much confidence in so many things and I've learnt to be more truthful to myself.

And of course, I've also made a lot of meaningful friendships here.

It's a big chunk of my life experience, so it needs a place on my head. XD

I can't really hang it yet though, because my locs are way too young right now. But you can take a peek at how it will look like on my head I suppose, haha.

My locs are a veritable rats nest right now, but I can't bring myself to care XD I love how it actually has some personality instead of always just lying neat and flat on my head. (Took out the beads btw, it was just for fun for a day) It's a really neat lesson in trusting the Universe that all will turn out well on the end.

However, in the meantime....


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A long overdue update on life...

By Stephani, 2014-05-01

Hey everyone it's been way too long since I've last updated! If I remember correctly, my last update was about my pregnancy. Let me start by saying our second son Kyeton Mark, was born on January 31, 2013! He's such a joy and brings so much happiness to everyone who meets him. I had a very rough pregnancy and almost lost him several times. During that time I just couldn't handle everything going on and pretty much disappeared from social media in general. The first 7 weeks of his life we almost lost him a few times. Finally we found out through testing that his muscles in his throat were not fully developed and he had severe gastritisand GERD. At 7 weeks old he had his first surgery. He was given a PEG G-Tube. A feeding tube so that he could be fed and thrive since he wasn't able to orally. He has had 2 other minor surgeries since just switching his PEG tube to a G-Button. He is now 15 months old and in great health! He still has to be fed his liquids and most of his nutrients through his feeding tube, but slowly he can eat more solid foods.

Our oldest son Started school (kindergarten) in August of 2013. He's doing great and loves it, so far LOL! He's playing baseball and he does Tae Kwon Do, so we are very busy with all of his activities.

As for me, I removed my dreads at 38 weeks of pregnancy. I didn't want to remove them but since I didn't take much time to really section them out in the beginning, and I wasn't too worried with separatingthem during my pregnancy, they all started to congo. I had a painful mess on my head. It took 2 days but with the help of my mom and husband I was able to comb them out completely. Since then my hair has grown twice the length that it was and it has driven me crazy every day. I missed my dreads so much! so about a month ago I started dreading again. This time I took my time and really sectioned them cleanly. I made them smaller so when they are full mature I will still have fairly small dreads. I have 79 dreads so far and I still have the top portion of my hair left to go. I am doing to the twist and rip method again. I am very excited for this set and I know I will keep these ones going!

Another significant thing to mention; Since April 19, 2013 I have lost over 97 lbs! I started eating clean and organic whole foods, and exercisingand lifting weights almost every day. I fell completely in love with health and fitness and in June of this year will be a certified personal trainer!

I will be posting pictures of everything to get you all up to date visually. Needless to say the last few years of my life have been some of the scariest yet most exciting of my life!!

I hope you are all doing well. I've missed ya'll! Expect to see me around a lot more now!


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Week 1 T&R

By Sharon Rio, 2014-05-01
Long hair, looked thick before I dreaded it! I took the top half out because I didn't have anyone to help section it off and I'm really short. I now have 24 skinny dreads on just the bottom half. Some really thin and a few pencil size diameter, most in between. End of the first week and I just re-twisted one that wasn't taking but the rest seem ok. There's some loose hairs and it's a bit frizzy but I think it's going to be decent. I've been wearing my top hair up and out if the way at night so it won't get mixed up. Now I need to maneuver this site and figure out how to add pics!
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25 Mystery Diagnosis - Severe Epilepsy - Find Cure Not Comfort More Love Fam!

By Cameron Zion, 2014-04-30

I joined this site about four years ago. I began my search for a cure to my decreasing physical condition and was pulled to Rastafari. It wasn't until I was married that my wife realized there is more going on than anyone believed. This past winter it left me completely debilitated and no longer lucid. In a wheelchair with my wife taking care of myself, our eight month old son and four year old daughter. It is a part of my path, a most humbling path and I'm blessed with every breath. 25 years is a long time to hold onto faith for an answer. There were times I contemplated liberating my soul from my body. Just needed some relief and medical grade herb makes me seize. It wasn't until discovering CBD and realizing the truth of "The Healing of the Nation". Natural herb, medicine not drugs, cure not comfort. Listen and love your children it's the love they need. All the money in the world cannot buy health, love or life. Heaven is here humble your ego and never stop moving forward. Never blame them for not being as spiritually developed. Always find love your soul is eternal. Everyday in every way we're getting better and better.

Haile Bless,
Cameron Zion

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By keem, 2014-04-28
I just dreaded my hair 4 days ago and I put it in a ponytail pretty much all day while I'm at work just want to know if this affects the maturation process at all?
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By flowerchild, 2014-04-28
is there something to twist and rip dreads that make them take forever to grow length? I mean am I the only one? Next month will be a year and they've matured quickly and seem to continue to shrink. I know they're growing in all these crazy loop dee doos and zig says now rather than straight vertically, and I love them whole heartedly regardless but they're not seeming to get any fatter or anything, lots of root growth but absolutely none at the ends and meh, I just really want my length back. I've read that some folks have gone years while they just continue to shrink or not grow any length at all. Will they just keep growing in all their funky ways and me never gain length?
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By keem, 2014-04-26

So yesterday was day 1 of me being a dreadhead. i had my hair in plats aka box braids i took them out one by one and used the twist and rip method to dread them. i now find myself completly obsessed with my dreads im always touching them playing with them palm rolling them i mean any and every excuse i can to mess around with them. am i alone on this? or do yall do the same thing? and is this a bad thing or a good thing?

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making dread lock wax

By jo hill, 2014-04-26

iv recently purchased some bees wax and want to make my own dread wax, but am confused about wat to put with it? shea butter? or coconut oil or almond oil? charcoal? i cant find just one recipe to suit, theyre all so confusing? have you made your own? wat do you suggest as the easiest cheapest method using beeswax please? tia

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guess i should start off by saying hello!

By jackson cobb, 2014-04-25

Hello all you dreadheads. New to the site, but not so new to dreads. I have had 4 different "sets" of dreads in the last 7 years. First I tried the backcomb thing for a year, but they never felt right. I thought maybe it was the loose hairs bothering me (I was wrong) so I combed them out. I went on to a crochet set of dreads for a year, these felt way too uniform. Every time I looked in the mirror I looked like a stranger. So I decided to give the neglect method a try. I loved these locks; I felt like me. Sadly, due to some silly thoughts going threw my head after two years, I decided to cut them off without telling my wife (she was not too happy!!). That was a little over three years ago. About two years ago I decided to toss my comb again.
This site seems to really help with a lot of new dreadheads. Maybe I can help some of you, and maybe you can help me out. Granted I don't do much besides wash, and... well thats its! Don't be a stranger.

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Deep thoughts with Alexandra ;)

By Alexandra6, 2014-04-25

I just want to say I didn't realize when I started this journey how deep and spiritual it was going to be. I am almost overwhelmed by the feelings I am having and I am only 1 week in. Ive been researching about dreads, learning the history and watching peoples youtube vids about their journeys and its really deep, man. I'm also wondering how I'm going to handle my families (mom, dad, sister, grandma, etc.) reaction because I am almost certain they wont understand, and are gonna give me grief. I'm a 36 year old woman but my mom and grandmas opinions still affect me alot. I know they're going to hate my hair. Everyone always tells me I have such beautiful hair. Am I strong enough to handle their opinions? Do I really want this? As of right now, I feel like I am on the right path, I'm a natural person and I'm getting back in touch with my natural self. I feel Ive discovered something ancient. Did Adam and Eve have dreads? Whoa! Deep thought! Anyways, I just wanted to write a little something to mark the beginning of my journey so I can come back and read it in the future.

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