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By Heindrich Du Preez, 2012-03-14
Greetings, awesome site learned so much thanks for all the awesome info. Haven't officially started to dread but one can say I started 2 days ago. Trying out a combination of natural and t\r just cause I don't think I have the patience to wait.
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3 weeks

By meakia miakinkoff-murzynsky, 2012-03-14

3 weeks along and I have dready bits! I am really amazed that it is working actually...I really didn't expect it to. keeping the tips bound in hemp for right now is helping alot.

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I always wanted dreads so I grew a afro

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-14
So I had them twisted is that a good idea? I am,mixed with black and Mexican and I have curly and nappy hair lol
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Welcome to my Story

By Lila May, 2012-03-14

Welcome to my story; Thank you for following!

It started in 2010.. I joined this site while learning about dreads and carefully planning dreads for myself. I took the dive and t&r'd my head.. After 2 months on a particularily boring day soaked my head in some extremely powerful conditioner and began to remove them.

I think the timing was wrong, I wasnt loving who I was.. I wasnt ready to be just me in all of my loveliness! I got bored of being happy with my hair and decided it was important to style, dye, cut, straighten, curl it once again. I think these things happen for a reason..

Today I am 3 days into my 2nd set of dreads... I know with every fiber this set will be different, I'm going with a mostly natural/neglect method with a few t&r'd pieces. I'll have some pictures for you all soon.. I'm excited to watch the progression. I'm excited to see what I'll create.

For me dreads symbolize patience and love for ones self. If you do not love your self and what you create you will endlessly search to fill the void. Before, I did dreads to help like myself better, thinking I would be better if I had them and it didnt work... Now I'm ready to love myself no matter what.. and now its time for dreads.

peace and hugs -Andrea

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By Kara Simpson, 2012-03-13

I LOVE MY DREADS! :) I can't resist twisting them but they are knotting so well!!!!!

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forever grateful

By Mariana Moonbeam, 2012-03-12

hey guys, I just wanted to thank all of you for all the things you post on this great website!

so I've wanted dreadlocks for about two years now and I finally convinced my parents to let me get them. I had done so much research on dreads and found so much valuable information on this site and it really helped me make the decision that dreadlocks were right for me and I would be fullycommittedto them :) I was finally able to convince my parents by making them a PowerPoint full of common dread misconceptions, historical examples of cultures and religions that had dreads, my own personal reasons for why I wanted dreads, and reasons why they should let me get them :) sooo much of my information came straight from you guys and all your posts and discussions and what not so again, thank you!

If it wasn't for you beautiful souls I probably wouldn't be a fellow dreadhead :)

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Updated my profile on dating site.

By Kanna Vincent, 2012-03-12

I decided that what I've been trying to do in my life is wrong... I need to truly reach out and hope to find someone to love me and Oriana for all that we are... so. :) If you think you want to know me, or something, please check out my profile on the dating site. Or, shoot me a message on here. You guys are amazing, wonderful beings. <3

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By angela dariano, 2012-03-12

I told myself and others I would thnk about weather or not I should keep my dreads and I have decided that I am not keeping them...they are too business-like and don't look my opinion..


I'm taking them out, letting my hair repair as much as possible and starting a new with

twist and rip + neglect


I'm excited for a more free feeling dread experience<3

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In Response to Positive Self Image, Life Style, and People's Perceptions

By PeacewithDreads, 2012-03-11

I put this here, and not in response to Nicholas Janousek's posting because I always fear getting too long-winded in my replys. I didn't reply to this when it first was posted, but I thought about it often. I did not feel compelled to respond until after I had this pretty remarkable week.

As is my habit, I wrap my baby dreads in a scarf and they kind of poke round the top and spike up a bit. Because I am 69 days into my journey, my dreads are still what I call "wannabes". When I use the locking gel when my hair is wet, it leaves the separation stiff, so when I wrap my head in a scarf they look good, and I feel very confident in it.

Anyway, that being said, last Sunday as my daughter and I left church I heard this raised voice from behind me in the parking lot say, "excuse me?" I turned around and looked at this attractive older women i would imagine to be in her 60's. She touches me on the arm and says, "I just wanted to tell you that you are simply beautiful!" I was touched, moved, and shocked. (pleasantly). My husband has always told me I was beautiful, but I have NEVER had anyone, let along a complete stranger, seek me out to tell me I was beautiful.

I know and give credit for this to the dreads. HOWEVER, I want to qualify that this is not because I have changed, but that the dreads cause change. I believe perceptions of dreads can be positive, and move people in a positive way. Dreadlocks have a two way impact, and it is not enough to speak to my own self-esteem. I believe people, seeing my dreads see the hope and change. The freedom I take to express myself in such a radical way (for this rural area) allows others to explore the possibility of change in their own life.

I knew it wasn't just me who moved her, but the dreads and what they represented to her. It is not self modesty, I know I have my good qualities, but lets face it, I am an over the age of 40 white woman with a middle age paunch.I know my dreads had a big part of her focus, especially since my family have been attending that church for 4 years and she had not approached me. I am convinced they think my husband is having an affair, or dating a new woman. I had rarely received any regard,but they seek me out, they greet me, and go out of their way to comment to me where they never did before. In fact, on Wednesday, one of the other parishoners in our church thought my husband had divorced me, and was dating a new! She boldly (i thought) asked my husband if "this woman with you is of any significance' (I wanted to say "I am standing right here!") and he was like..."Sarah, you remember my wife, don't you?" (because I am a full-time student I am usually studying on Wednesday evenings, but because of Spring break I was able to attend with my husband this last week).

Even the pastor knows what pew we sit in each week. My husband jokingly said that he wanted to remind the pastor that I was his wife because he kept looking at me while he preached. I laughed because I had no cluesince I had forgotten my glasses...(remember...middle age..paunch..and short-sightedness--amazing howeasy direct eye contact is when a face is a blur)...and on Wednesday when my husband introduced me he said, "Well of course we have met!" to which I pointed out that we had never been formally introduced, but he had probably seen me, which he said, "well it feels like I know you". In fact, today he felt comfortable enough to joke with me and say, "i saw you straggle in late this morning" (okay, just so you was 3 minutes late - my husband and I drove separate cars, and he got ALL the green lights!..daylight savings is the curse of Spring).

The point is, who I am at the core is still the same, but for some reason their perception of me has changed and it has to be the dreads. Why? Is it because of the fact that I feel comfortable in my own skin now. I have this freedom to express myself as I believe God intended, and because of such I present a more open appearance?

The remarkable part of all of this is that my family has been impacted only in a positive way from this change. They realize now that our world did not fall apart because I "grew dreads" and in fact, they unanimously agree that I need to keep the dreads. My husband loves the positive attention, and loves seeing me as being more confident. I agree with Nicholas about the growth in self-esteem. A positive self esteem is a positive impact all around, and it has had a tremendous growing impact on our family and those I interact with.

So, for day 69, the journey has been positive, and I hope to cherish these feelings and continue to have a positive impact on people, which is kind of my goal as a peace activist.....thanks for reading...until we meet again....peace.

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A tremendous loss, and fellow dready

By AllOrNothing, 2012-03-11

This is Nick.
This is the beginning of Nick's dread journey.

This is Nick before dreads. Shit I miss this guy. He was my best friend and so much more.When I needed someone to be there for me, he was the one that showed up. When I was alone and pregnant and nauseous and hungry, he brought me weed and chicken. When I was frustrated with my life, and I needed to get away, he took me to Vegas. When I was angry, and I needed to scream at someone, he was a stoic wall against which I could throw myself. When I was alone, he kept me company. When I was drunk, he kept me from making dumb choices. When I was crying, he could always make me laugh. You know how during an earthquake, they say you should stand in a doorway, since they're less likely to fall down? When my whole life was falling down around me, Nick was my doorway. I could hide under him, and I would always come out unharmed. When I felt like nothing was going right, I could always count on Nick to remind me of the good things. When my first son died, Nick was there reminding me that it wasn't my fault; that I was strong enough to survive. When I was pregnant and my boyfriend broke up with me, Nick was there to help me find a job, and offer me a place to live while I got my life together. Nick was the best friend any person could ever ask for. There will never be anyone else that could replace him. He is an immense loss to the world, and no one who knew him will ever be the same.

RIP Nicky Sampson 07101987/11112011

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