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DAY 5!

By: Jen
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Today i had to get put under for an endoscopy. It was kind of funny watching the nurses and anesthesiologist work around my dreads. My father cant get past this stigma that they are dirty and that only lazy unkempt people have them. Even though he knows mine are clean, so i am assuming some random strangers may also think they are a little taboo. But they were nice about it and actually touched them and worked around them hooking up my oxygen and whatnot and it made me happy. I am proud of my dreads. I think i actually love them haha. I want to grow them very very looooonggggggggggggg. I feel like they have opened up a floodgate in my life. Also i am taking up knitting, i need a healthy hobby. If anyone has any good patterns for hats and such can you send me them? well anywho..did my first BS/ACV wash today. my hair feels nice and clean and smells nice and clean. i make sure they are nice and dry before bed and if not i sit in front of the fan for a bit. Okay well goodnight everyone. More pictures next week hopefully if i have camera access. TOODLES!

03/17/12 12:04:07AM @jen:

haha thats so awesome. yea your dreads are definately top dog. Yea it was a funny feeling because my dad has this idea that no one will accept me and everyone will think im dirty but they reacted so politely.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/16/12 11:58:25PM @soaring-eagle:

every time i go to have something like that they always remark on how clean my dreads are and they lover touching them they usually call in other nurses and stuff saying hey u got to come touch these haha

they get fascinated by em

but whejn i had surgery they coup]l,dnt fit those haur things on dso used pillowcasases instead..yea..2

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