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I <3 my dreads

By Jen, 2012-03-26

Sooo soo so so. I have this one dread on top of my head, kinda comes down by my face... and this mofo is really starting to shape up!! even the part that LOOKS like loose hair is actually quite firm to the touch, it has a more mature "inner dready area" but the thing as a whole is starting to get more uniform and dread like. IM SO HAPPY. even though i look like a giant fuzzball i dont really give a shit, even though im in college at a redneck school i still dont give a shit. im proud. i have loose hairs flying all over, sticking strait up, some people may think im dirty but i know something they dont know. I'm on a JOURNEY. thats a hell of a lot more than they're doing. im not dissing regular hair, simply stating that most of my haters are shallow losers. :) I see no shame in my dreads all coated in fuzz so thick it just looks like a rats nest. shit, thats the fun part of the process. i mean, i feel like its really developed my self confidence. Like i have a little hairy shield on my head. i feel, awesome.

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hey guys

By Jen, 2012-03-22

so my dreads are coming along nicely. i have some huge matted bits in some of them and my favorite one has a big knot at the end of it. I love to hold it and feel around. Every day is like a new adventure. Seeing what ones are progressing and deciding which side i should sleep on the next night. the ones at the back are finally starting to come together. Also some of my loose hairs are beginning to form some cute little baby dreads. overall the braided look that twist n rip gives them is starting to dissipate. Im super happy. Ive never been this happy about my hair in my entire 21 years of life. Every day i wake up proud and absolutely in love with my hair. i adore it. i love looking at other peoples dreads as well. they are all so individual. YAY

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By Jen, 2012-03-20

So it's officially been a week since i began dreading my hair. I think they are coming along well. The sides are matting up well and holding really good. The back of my head is almost all loose hair with some very loose dreads forming, probably because of how i sleep. I've been trying to sleep on the back of my head more. I have been considering doing some salt water spray onto my hair but i dont want to over dry my hair. Most of my friends like my hair. The other ones insist that i'm doing it wrong or that i should have used wax or KB shampoo or whatever. I tried explaining to them but it's like talking to a wall :/. oh well. I'm so excited for this years Rainbow Gathering. I could just die.

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DAY 5!

By Jen, 2012-03-16

Today i had to get put under for an endoscopy. It was kind of funny watching the nurses and anesthesiologist work around my dreads. My father cant get past this stigma that they are dirty and that only lazy unkempt people have them. Even though he knows mine are clean, so i am assuming some random strangers may also think they are a little taboo. But they were nice about it and actually touched them and worked around them hooking up my oxygen and whatnot and it made me happy. I am proud of my dreads. I think i actually love them haha. I want to grow them very very looooonggggggggggggg. I feel like they have opened up a floodgate in my life. Also i am taking up knitting, i need a healthy hobby. If anyone has any good patterns for hats and such can you send me them? well anywho..did my first BS/ACV wash today. my hair feels nice and clean and smells nice and clean. i make sure they are nice and dry before bed and if not i sit in front of the fan for a bit. Okay well goodnight everyone. More pictures next week hopefully if i have camera access. TOODLES!

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My dready update. 4 days.

By Jen, 2012-03-16

So my little dread babies are coming alone nicely, at least i think so. A couple in the back have a lot of loose hair and are unraveling but i figure if they come undone then i can have a couple natural/neglect ones form. It helps that i am a rough sleeper, every morning when i wake up i feel around and they are considerably more knotted up. Some are already quite tight. I'm not sure what shampoo to use, i plan on buying bar shampoo soon, for now i have been using baby shampoo, despite it's sulfate content :( I like the loreal everpure sulfate free shampoo but i worry that it's too conditioning. It also has a heavy frangrance. I washed them once so far with a sulfate free shampoo for oily hair because all the exposed scalp made my oils glands produce a little more than usual so i got them good and clean. Then sat in the sun for several hours to aid in the drying process. I have blonde extremely thick curly hair i mean like shirley temple shit. so my hair is already beginning to lock in small areas and im super happy. though i know i might run into some setbacks i am optomistic. i just want to treat my dreadies with LOVE

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My new dreads

By Jen, 2012-03-14

So it's been about two days with my new dreads and i love them to death. Fluffy and everything. I used the twist and rip method once, realized i didn't have enough dreads so i took them out and doubled them so i now have 44. They look more like braids on speed but i know in time they will only become more beautiful.

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