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By kung foo, 2012-03-17

does anyone know any free music festivls in California coming up?

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6 week ugh

By Ixchel, 2012-03-17

So I have a lot of thoughts about my hair/locks racing the last few days, I'm trying to recollect & organize them & get it all out.

I wish I hadn't dyed my hair. I absolutely love the color I got it to, but my roots are already showing & I don't want to keep up on the dyeing as my dreads continue to grow. I dyed it before I made the choice to dread, & it had been natural for at least 3 years before that, so long & I just finally messed it up, right before I would discover I didn't want to dye it again at all. Had I just waited another week. Now I'm debating what to do about the color since I don't want to keep on dyeing. Let it lock up & then once i have enough natural growth chop off the color? Will it look awful with my light roots & dark dreads? Should I just shave it off now & start from scratch? Will my dreads still be lumpy loopy & loveable if i cut so much off of them after they've formed? Would it be better if I started over now before I become attached to them? (Full of panicked questions aren't I?)

I got my liquid shampoo. It smells beautiful (nag champa, my fav!) A sample chunk of Dragons Blood. & some of the locking gel (since nothing is knotting yet). I waited for wash day, & when it came & I washed my hair was so fluffy & soft. But any definition I had of my sections was gone. I feel like no progress is ever being made. My sections shift & change, but no knots or loops happening. One of the reasons for switching to shampoo over bs/acv was henna fading. Baking soda strips color. I hadn't noticed any changes yet, but I didn't want the color I have to fade because it won't fade back to natural (unfortunately because that would solve a huge load of my issues) it will just fade to bright red. & as much as I love a good redhead, I do not make a good redhead. Well after 1 wash with the shampoo my color was lighter. More red, less brownish. I don't like it but I guess I don't mind. I am frustrated with the whole color situation & debating the razor anyways. I'll just let it keep fading, I won't be messing with the color anymore anyways. The shampoo kept my hair from getting oily next day (I was able to spread out my washes finally!) but it did dry out my head some & my hands a lot. I loved the smells, I wanted to eat my soap :)

My daughter slept on my wool pillowcase. In one night she had several matted knots in the back of her head. It took me all day to work through the mess. I want her hair. BAD. A month & a half I've been sleeping on that pillowcase, & not brushing my hair or conditioning. No knots. I brush & condition the heck outta her hair & bam! Crazy mess. I'm crazy jealous.

I had someone tell me nice hair, I had to choke on my laugh. I think she was talking about the style or nice cut, no dreading, just an unbrushed flop. She knows me as a blonde normally.

I'm pretty sure there have been other ramblings, but it feels good to get these ones out of my crazy head. I'm not sure what my game plan is from here on out with my locks, I want them badly, but I want my natural hair again. I wish I hadn't screwed it up, & I wish my hair wasn't taking so long to knot up. It makes me hesitant for my original plan of "just grow them out, comb them out, cut off color & let them dread up naturally again", it just seems like it would take me ages.

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DAY 5!

By Jen, 2012-03-16

Today i had to get put under for an endoscopy. It was kind of funny watching the nurses and anesthesiologist work around my dreads. My father cant get past this stigma that they are dirty and that only lazy unkempt people have them. Even though he knows mine are clean, so i am assuming some random strangers may also think they are a little taboo. But they were nice about it and actually touched them and worked around them hooking up my oxygen and whatnot and it made me happy. I am proud of my dreads. I think i actually love them haha. I want to grow them very very looooonggggggggggggg. I feel like they have opened up a floodgate in my life. Also i am taking up knitting, i need a healthy hobby. If anyone has any good patterns for hats and such can you send me them? well anywho..did my first BS/ACV wash today. my hair feels nice and clean and smells nice and clean. i make sure they are nice and dry before bed and if not i sit in front of the fan for a bit. Okay well goodnight everyone. More pictures next week hopefully if i have camera access. TOODLES!

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so I have a question about washing my,dreads?,

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-16
So can u use any kind of shampoo that doesn't have any peg number it or what? And when should I wash my hair?
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My dready update. 4 days.

By Jen, 2012-03-16

So my little dread babies are coming alone nicely, at least i think so. A couple in the back have a lot of loose hair and are unraveling but i figure if they come undone then i can have a couple natural/neglect ones form. It helps that i am a rough sleeper, every morning when i wake up i feel around and they are considerably more knotted up. Some are already quite tight. I'm not sure what shampoo to use, i plan on buying bar shampoo soon, for now i have been using baby shampoo, despite it's sulfate content :( I like the loreal everpure sulfate free shampoo but i worry that it's too conditioning. It also has a heavy frangrance. I washed them once so far with a sulfate free shampoo for oily hair because all the exposed scalp made my oils glands produce a little more than usual so i got them good and clean. Then sat in the sun for several hours to aid in the drying process. I have blonde extremely thick curly hair i mean like shirley temple shit. so my hair is already beginning to lock in small areas and im super happy. though i know i might run into some setbacks i am optomistic. i just want to treat my dreadies with LOVE

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Happy with my decision

By Vincent Cleveland, 2012-03-16

Originally I was very nervous about getting them, I thought people would make fun or stare or any of that stuff, especially in the beginning stages. But in the end, I've never felt better and more confident with my dreads. They're short but strong, and like me they'll continue to grow and be stronger. Still working on the itching, but I'll definitely get the hang of that soon. My friends like these better than anything hairstyle I've ever tried, and so do I. I don't think I'll ever cut them off. Can't wait until I've had them a year or two and they fly past my head when I turn it. Just my testimony to the style. haha. Hope they've made made you all as happy as they made me. :)


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By jakob astemo, 2012-03-16

The prettiest smiles, hides the deepest secrets.
The most beautiful eyes have cried as many tears.
And the kindest heart has felt the most pain

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so I just washed my hair

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-15
And now my locs are all loosebut are still sections so I guess I'm going natural now. So can I go natural still if I use to twist them?
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My new dreads

By Jen, 2012-03-14

So it's been about two days with my new dreads and i love them to death. Fluffy and everything. I used the twist and rip method once, realized i didn't have enough dreads so i took them out and doubled them so i now have 44. They look more like braids on speed but i know in time they will only become more beautiful.

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I know that I just posted something like two hours ago but.

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-14
I have a question since you told me that its,not good to retwist and stuff what do I do after I wash them some of them come loose and stuff. Should I just leave them be or what?
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