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My dready update. 4 days.

By Jen, 2012-03-16

So my little dread babies are coming alone nicely, at least i think so. A couple in the back have a lot of loose hair and are unraveling but i figure if they come undone then i can have a couple natural/neglect ones form. It helps that i am a rough sleeper, every morning when i wake up i feel around and they are considerably more knotted up. Some are already quite tight. I'm not sure what shampoo to use, i plan on buying bar shampoo soon, for now i have been using baby shampoo, despite it's sulfate content :( I like the loreal everpure sulfate free shampoo but i worry that it's too conditioning. It also has a heavy frangrance. I washed them once so far with a sulfate free shampoo for oily hair because all the exposed scalp made my oils glands produce a little more than usual so i got them good and clean. Then sat in the sun for several hours to aid in the drying process. I have blonde extremely thick curly hair i mean like shirley temple shit. so my hair is already beginning to lock in small areas and im super happy. though i know i might run into some setbacks i am optomistic. i just want to treat my dreadies with LOVE

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Happy with my decision

By Vincent Cleveland, 2012-03-16

Originally I was very nervous about getting them, I thought people would make fun or stare or any of that stuff, especially in the beginning stages. But in the end, I've never felt better and more confident with my dreads. They're short but strong, and like me they'll continue to grow and be stronger. Still working on the itching, but I'll definitely get the hang of that soon. My friends like these better than anything hairstyle I've ever tried, and so do I. I don't think I'll ever cut them off. Can't wait until I've had them a year or two and they fly past my head when I turn it. Just my testimony to the style. haha. Hope they've made made you all as happy as they made me. :)


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By jakob astemo, 2012-03-16

The prettiest smiles, hides the deepest secrets.
The most beautiful eyes have cried as many tears.
And the kindest heart has felt the most pain

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so I just washed my hair

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-15
And now my locs are all loosebut are still sections so I guess I'm going natural now. So can I go natural still if I use to twist them?
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My new dreads

By Jen, 2012-03-14

So it's been about two days with my new dreads and i love them to death. Fluffy and everything. I used the twist and rip method once, realized i didn't have enough dreads so i took them out and doubled them so i now have 44. They look more like braids on speed but i know in time they will only become more beautiful.

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I know that I just posted something like two hours ago but.

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-14
I have a question since you told me that its,not good to retwist and stuff what do I do after I wash them some of them come loose and stuff. Should I just leave them be or what?
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By Heindrich Du Preez, 2012-03-14
Greetings, awesome site learned so much thanks for all the awesome info. Haven't officially started to dread but one can say I started 2 days ago. Trying out a combination of natural and t\r just cause I don't think I have the patience to wait.
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3 weeks

By meakia miakinkoff-murzynsky, 2012-03-14

3 weeks along and I have dready bits! I am really amazed that it is working actually...I really didn't expect it to. keeping the tips bound in hemp for right now is helping alot.

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I always wanted dreads so I grew a afro

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-14
So I had them twisted is that a good idea? I am,mixed with black and Mexican and I have curly and nappy hair lol
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Welcome to my Story

By Lila May, 2012-03-14

Welcome to my story; Thank you for following!

It started in 2010.. I joined this site while learning about dreads and carefully planning dreads for myself. I took the dive and t&r'd my head.. After 2 months on a particularily boring day soaked my head in some extremely powerful conditioner and began to remove them.

I think the timing was wrong, I wasnt loving who I was.. I wasnt ready to be just me in all of my loveliness! I got bored of being happy with my hair and decided it was important to style, dye, cut, straighten, curl it once again. I think these things happen for a reason..

Today I am 3 days into my 2nd set of dreads... I know with every fiber this set will be different, I'm going with a mostly natural/neglect method with a few t&r'd pieces. I'll have some pictures for you all soon.. I'm excited to watch the progression. I'm excited to see what I'll create.

For me dreads symbolize patience and love for ones self. If you do not love your self and what you create you will endlessly search to fill the void. Before, I did dreads to help like myself better, thinking I would be better if I had them and it didnt work... Now I'm ready to love myself no matter what.. and now its time for dreads.

peace and hugs -Andrea

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